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Is it possible that Fidget Spinners are finally at their peak? Most of the world hopes so, at least the parents who love to enable their children by buying them one of the most annoying Fads in a very long time.

From the very humble beginnings as a device that was marketed towards kids and people with ADD/ADHD, to the reveal that it will only cause you to be even more distracted, these toys have exploded worldwide. However, now due to a real explosion, the backlash may be on the horizon.

New warnings over Bluetooth fidget spinners have been issued by consumer watchdogs, as battery versions of these toys have started to burst into flames. Once every parent found out that no one was hurt, they all rejoiced in what should have been bad news.

According to Kimberly Allums, she heard her son screaming when he noticed his fidget spinner, made in China, had burst into flames after it had been charging for around 45 minutes. She said her son quickly put it in the sink to extinguish it but that the damage could have been a lot worse if they had been out of the house.

Factory production lines in China have rapidly switched to making fidget spinners cheaply and quickly, often sacrificing quality and safety checks in the process.

Do you remember Pogs or Pokemon? Those Fads never burst into flames. And as far as I remember, there wasn’t any violence involved with them either, which is also rearing its ugly head.

On Thursday, British press shared a viral video of a scuffle outside a Poundland discount store in Nottingham, England. In the roughly 40-second clip, two women are seen fighting on the sidewalk before being forced apart by a security guard. The cause of the brawl? Fidget Spinners!

On June 16 in Syracuse, New York, an 11-year-old stabbed a 7-year-old during a dispute over a fidget spinner.

And I could on….but I won’t, as you get the point.

Churches and Schools across the United States have begun pushing back against the Fidget Spinner by banning them from their premises as they cause distractions on a constant basis.

Think about this? A device that was marketed towards those who are driven to distraction has now been used to cause an even bigger problem. In hindsight, it’s like giving an arsonist a lighter or a book of matches.

So who is to blame here? The toymakers or the parents who enabled this to begin? Can we blame the fidget spinner themselves?

I don’t think adults care anymore. The more bad press, the better as it gives them a reason to end the shelf life of the fidget spinner for good. Besides their fans, nearly all of society wants the fidget spinner to die a swift death. The one problem might be, the more parents or adults hate something, the more their children want to have it and annoy the living shit out of you.

And that’s why the fidget spinner is The Unbalanced Being of the Day.

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