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When the non-vote came in on Health Care reform the other day, Donald Trump immediately went to Twitter and attacked the Democrats for the failed bill. However, this past weekend the President has since lashed out against the Freedom Caucus in his latest rants.

We do not disagree with the President on this one. The Freedom Caucus had their agenda, and from what we understand, the President did his best to give them a little, but not everything. The Caucus, though, wanted it all. In their mind, they would rather watch Obamacare implode then let any new bill go in its place.

In theory, this was a sound strategy. In theory. However, the Caucus now have the President upset, and you don’t want to be on the wrong side of this President. He holds grudges. The Freedom Caucus was very short sighted in their failed negotiation as now Mr. Trump will most likely ignore them for the rest of his term. You have to give a little to get a little, and they just embarrassed him publicly.

Furthermore, it’s in the best interest of this administration to get something accomplished on health care to benefit the people who voted for him. The odds of a repeal are pretty much zero, but working in a bipartisan manner to fix all of Obamacare’s faults with the help of Republican moderates and Democrats is the most likely end game scenario.

When the above-mentioned scenario occurs, the Freedom Caucus will see the error in its ways. They couldn’t see past their noses. They are a minority and believed they were holding onto all of the cards this past week. However, we have a President that likes to make deals and eventually he’ll find the right partner to do so. When the Caucus finally realizes what they’ve done, they’ll be sick to their stomachs as they watch health care move in the complete opposite direction. Ego got the best of them and usually gets the best of everybody.

And that’s why the Freedom Caucus is the Unbalanced Being of the Day.

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