The Unbalanced Being of the Day | Ikea

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The Unbalanced Being of the Day | Ikea

I know what you’re thinking. How did Ikea of all places find themselves in this daily post!! First, let me point out that Ikea is one of the most stressful places you can visit. People are always in your way. You need to carry awkward size boxes. The lineups are usually long. And somewhere in Ikea, you’re going to run into crying kids. Somewhere! They could be around any corner like someone waiting to pick your pocket. Now with all that bias being stated……Ikea has found some trouble outside their walls. 

It seems Ikea, which offers an idealized take on ethnic and gender diversity, casually featuring gay and mixed-race couples in their catalogues, has now stepped in the other direction. In Israel, ultra-Orthodox Haredi communities received a special version of the Ikea catalogue that featured no women. Yes, Ikea just catered to a community that doesn’t see equality between men and women, just to sell more Torpkas. This moves away from their global message of family values.

It turns out this wasn’t Ikea’s first offence either. In 2012, they removed women from the catalogue for their Saudi Arabian edition and they removed a lesbian couple for a Russian version too. 

It’s not something Ikea wants to hit the mainstream news and for right now it seems like it’s only a story in Sweden. However, we’re sure they’re worried about the possibility of this becoming a bigger story. All of this for a couple of extra bucks. Does it seem worth it to you?

Ikea has a conflict in personality right now. Which Ikea are they? Only time will tell.

And that’s why Ikea is The Unbalanced Being of the Day.

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