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Over this past weekend, the daughter of the President of the United States, has, for the most part, been seen in a positive light against the backdrop to her father’s dark side. She’s the good cop to Donald’s bad cop.

However, on this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live, Scarlett Johansen played the First Daughter and skewered her good cop image on a grand stage.

In the segment, as Johansson walks into an elegant party in a glittering evening dress, the narrator says: “A woman like her deserves a fragrance all her own. A scent made just for her. Because she’s beautiful. She’s powerful. She’s complicit.”

“She doesn’t crave the spotlight, but we see her. Oh, how we see her,” says the narrator as Johansson applies lipstick and sees Alec Baldwin playing Trump reflected back in the mirror.

The narrator continues: “A feminist, an advocate, a champion for women, but like how?”

And concludes: “Complicit: The fragrance for the woman who could stop all of this but won’t.”

The segment was not the type of satire you want to be directed at yourself. If I had a conscience, at this point, I’d be taking a long hard look at myself. However, to defend Ivanka Trump, this is her father. This is her family. To just separate herself from him, is to be quite honestly ridiculous. If this were my dad, I wouldn’t be talking out against him. This would destroy the family relationship. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be out there on the front lines either. I’d probably just try and sink into a back seat and hope that the four years would be over soon.

You must remember, she didn’t ask for this either.

Now, as if Saturday Night Live wasn’t bad enough. According toAgence France-Presse (AFP), more than 50 tons of Ivanka Trump-branded clothing was imported into the US as her father told the country “we will… buy American and hire American”, it has emerged.

At least 82 shipments also reportedly passed through US customs from China between the election on 8 November and 26 February.

So as Donald Trump spoke during his inauguration speech on January 20th: “We will follow two simple rules; buy American and hire American.” AFP claims that Ivanka Trump was still buying thousands of items from China, including 53.5 tons that were careening towards America.

Now again, she’s not the one that has called for ‘Buy American and Hire American.’ She’s merely the daughter of the man that is doing so. Ivanka never once campaigned herself on these principles. The whole family is now under a microscope and to scapegoat her on this issue is unfair. This is her business, and she’s running it to make a profit. Ivanka Trump just happens to be caught in the cross hairs of dirty politics from all sides.

Anyone will Spin a point of view to make their political enemy look like a hypocrite in this day and age. Bias is everywhere. It’s up to us to see through this bias and make our decisions.

Ivanka Trump, in our opinion, is a victim of this bias and we think it’s unfair. And that’s why she’s The Unbalanced Being of the Day.

The Caricature photo above is the work of DonkeyHotey and his work can be found HERE.

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