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Being a victim of bullying is one of the biggest issues surrounding society today. With the rise of the internet and social media, people choose to sit behind their digital walls and torment people as if they weren’t human at all. A current victim of online bullying is Presidential Counselor, and class act all around, Kellyanne Conway.

Last week, Kellyanne Conway had a little mishap when it came to the creation of a imaginative news story, citing an event called ‘The Bowling Green Massacre’ in her attempts to justify President Trump’s travel ban. If you haven’t heard, Miss Conway made up this event out of thin air. She was referring to two Iraqis who were arrested in Bowling Green, Kentucky, in 2011 for allegedly carrying out IED attacks in Iraq. Not attacks on American soil.

Now Kellyanne Conway is finding out what it’s like to be bullied by the internet and what it feels like to possibly suffer from post traumatic stress disorder from the fallout. Here’s a sample of the bullying.

We don’t think we need to continue on this one. Kellyanne Conway isn’t going to hear the end of this for quite some time and will probably need help with the stress it will continuously cause her. Congratulations Kellyanne,  you’re The Unbalanced Being of the Day.

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