The Unbalanced Being of the Day | Lady Gaga

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The Unbalanced Being of the Day | Lady Gaga

So did any of you catch the Super Bowl? How about the half time show with Lady Gaga? I’m not one for Lady Gaga, but I get why people love her and loved the show. It’s a spectacle even if you aren’t the biggest fan of her style of music. Many thought she’d become political and mention Donald Trump by name, as there were bets on it all over the world. However, the biggest controversy didn’t turn out to be of the political nature but due to unwarranted fat shaming by society at large. This made me go nuts!!! And if this made me go crazy, imagine how frustrated Lady Gaga must have felt.

A select few of the fat shaming tweets will now follow:

Let’s first get this straight. Lady Gaga is the furthest thing from being fat. She’s barely 100 pounds probably!! Yes, this gets me angry!! People are just this horrible. How are kids today supposed to have a positive body image if this stuff that goes on? Can we make fat shaming illegal on the internet? 

Maybe it’s me who’s unbalanced about this whole situation and not her. No matter what, we think Lady Gaga is sitting at home and shaking her head and fists at the world of cyber bullying right now. She has stated that she’s a survivor of eating disorders herself so this must be extra maddening. We hope she puts out a statement and starts a campaign to fight against these trolls.

Someone calm me down……. I must got take a bath now. I’m just too riled up.

And that’s why Lady Gaga is The Unbalanced Being of the Day.

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