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For the most part, our Unbalanced Beings of the Day are somewhat political or satirical or it’ someone poking fun at themselves. However, today, it’s quite serious.

Actress Mischa Barton, famous from the TV show ‘The OC’, was hospitalized after being found screaming on her backyard fence wearing just a shirt and tie. Police and firefighters were called to the scene after being alerted about a jumper or possible overdose.

Sources close to the star, said that Barton was saying bizarre things Thursday morning, including referring to her mother as a witch and talking about the world shattering. At one point, Barton reportedly fell backward off the fence and said, “Oh, my God, it’s over! I feel it, and it’s angry!”

A L.A. County Sheriff’s Department spokesman confirmed that the actress had been voluntarily transported to hospital after officers responded to the call.

This wasn’t the first time Barton had a run in with a psychiatric facility. In 2009,  the actress was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold by the LAPD after having what she called a “freak-out” and was later transferred to Cedars-Sinai Medial Center.

From an outsiders perspective, it seems like she may suffer from panic attacks that are caused by extreme anxiety or depression. Once you get into a spiral of the panic, it’s quite hard to stop. If you’e ever been witness to someone in a panic attack, it’s very hard to talk rational sense into them as they are not in a position to listen. It consumes them. Trust me, they want the panic attack to stop more than you do. They might not make sense and to them the world is falling at that very moment. If I’m describing you, then I’m giving you a hug right now. If I’m describing your friend or loved one, be very compassionate towards them.

I hope the best thing that happens for those that are gossiping about Mischa Barton today is that we discuss mental health and learn to be more understanding of our fellow brothers and sisters. We’re all in this together.

Even though Mischa Barton wishes this didn’t happen, we hope she embraces her issues to help others. We’re glad that Mischa Barton is The Unbalanced Being of the Day and we look forward to learning how she’ll overcome her obstacles.

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