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When your mother and sister get into a fight, it’s best to mind your own business and let them settle their differences on their own. Both have a history of being irrational. Usually at one point in said fights, I will receive a phone call asking my for my opinion, like I did today.

My sister sent me quotes of my moms texts to her and was I shocked. My mom is a nice woman. Like super nice! But when she gets into a defensive mode, she gets mean and really fast. The logical person seems to have disappeared and some other person takes her place. Many years ago I bought her the book Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Mosthowever it collected dust on her night stand until one day the unopened book just disappeared, probably at the garage sale. If you want to learn about listening and being heard, it’s the book for you. One of many books that changed my life.

Anyway, back to my mom. Some of the things coming out of her mouth were quite troubling and based on the facts I was given, she was also wrong. She was missing the point of my sisters argument completely and focusing on something that had nothing to do with the principle of the situation. Let’s just say, my mother didn’t make my sister aware of certain relatives being at an event and when my sister found out from another relative, she told my mother she wasn’t going. The other people expected my sister to be at this event because my mom told them she’d be there, and now this had to be explained. In my opinion, my mom should have kept my sister in the loop before telling everyone she’d be attending and given her the choice. However, my mother’s point is that my sister is being selfish by not going. I’m simplifying things here but hopefully you get the gist. 

My mom refuses to listen to my sisters point and even went as far as calling my brother in law a pussy. I didn’t even know that my mother knew this word. It still makes me feel weird just knowing it. She’s pretty much disowned them because she doesn’t have the ability to listen and is so involved in her own stuff that she can’t see past her nose. I’m still in shock over the escalation of such a small thing. It’s getting pettier by the moment and my mother needs her phone or texting device to be taken away from……like fast. The hole just seems to be getting deeper with every emoji 🙂

And that’s why MY MOTHER is The Unbalanced Being of the Day

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