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I stopped drinking all soda pop this year, and for most of my life, I was a Coca Cola kind of guy. However, Pepsi has always had better advertising and made a splash with their commercials during my lifetime. From Michael Jackson to David Bowie/Tina Turner, Cindy Crawford, Madonna, Ray Charles, Britney Spears and Beyonce. Pepsi has always had their finger on the pulse, and their slogan has and forever will be to me “The Choice of a New Generation.”

Pepsi’s head turning commercials over the years are what they are known for, however, this past week, many felt Pepsi was ‘Tone Deaf’ with their new Kendall Jenner politically charged advertisement.

Now Pepsi is in damage control, and the question is now, did they do anything wrong?, or are we living too much in a Politically Correct world these days, or did they do it on purpose?

For Kendall Jenner, this was a glaring misstep in her career, and she can be singled out for her participation, but for Pepsi, who do you blame? They’re a corporation with no visible talking head that you can become angry with. Most likely there will be no backlash when it comes to purchasing their product, and in reality, Pepsi just got the best advertising in the world. Even bad press is good press. Unless you’re Mel Gibson, but that’s another story.

As of right now, on the Jenner Youtube Channel, the commercial already has 7 million plus views, and that’s not including the other posts of the ad by other people as well.

To me, this Pepsi ad feels like the Starbucks print ad from years ago. It was titled ‘Collapse Into Cool’ and depicted two insects on a trajectory of banging into two Starbucks drinks.

Starbucks Tazoberry & Tazo Citrus

Many people thought they did it on purpose and I was one of those people. Pepsi, in my mind, is doing the same thing right now and we’re all feeding into their behavior.

We’re being trolled by Pepsi and their marketing department. It’s an easy form of advertising that they’ll be able to get away with as the blueprint has already been established. Deny, deny, deny deny, say you’re sorry, even though you’re not, and count your money.

If you think that’s evil, it’s because it is. Pepsi is acting like a sociopath/psychopath, and they’re excellent at deflecting their responsibility because that’s what psychopaths do. These relationships always end badly for the victims too. More diabetes from their sugar water for us then!

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And that’s why Pepsi is The Unbalanced Being of the Day.

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