The Unbalanced Being of the Day | Sean Spicer

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The Unbalanced Being of the Day | Sean Spicer

We feel bad for Sean Spicer. We really do. He’s the current White House press secretary and communications director……..until the day he wakes up and says to himself ‘The stress is going to kill me. Is this really worth it?’ He has the thankless job of communicating to the world about how the President is handling life as the President. Unfortunately for him, this administration is constantly under fire and we’re sure he’s praying that we just don’t shoot the messenger.

Have you ever lived with a narcissist? I have! And it’s not fun. Everything is about them and their needs TRUMP(How’s that for a pun?)  your needs….always. Sometimes you feel that they might care more about you than themselves, but usually there’s something self serving in there that you haven’t figured out quite yet. It’s beyond frustrating. Right now, Sean Spicer, who is actually well liked by both sides of the political coin in Washington, is now damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Every mistake in wording is magnified and he’s being vilified by the press. However, even behind closed doors, as insiders have said, Trump was disappointed in Spicer’s performance and the White House was looking to unburden him of his communications director role in order to facilitate an improvement in the briefing room. How’s that for being caught in between a rock and rock.

Besides working for a narcissist, he also has to change facts about stories to fit the administrations spin on situations. Some of these spins are obvious lies and how long can a man with a conscious spew lies for the sake of his job before the good part of him reminds him that what he’s doing is wrong? And besides backing some unethical statements, he also does make a mistake here and there.

Most recently, he made an innocent mistake and kept on referring to a terrorist attack that didn’t happen in Atlanta. He made the mistake on three separate occasions and it was pretty obvious to most that he just got the city mixed up with the Orlando terrorist attack. Deep down, the media knew this, but they wouldn’t let him off the hook. They attacked him because of who he was working for and were pretty relentless about it too. 

The bullying he receives from all sides is enough to make any person crumble and there is no shame in crumbling with this amount of pressure coming at you. 

Sean Spicer is person caught in the middle of the battle. He wants to have a good relationship with the press but needs to win their trust back, however, his bosses might not be happy with him if he does. We don’t envy him in any way………. Good luck buddy.

And that’s why Sean Spicer is The Unbalanced Being of the Day.

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