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The Unbalanced Being of the Day | The Truth

If you’re an active listening human, than you’re like me, wondering how we live in the day and age where The Truth doesn’t matter anymore. I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I believe the individual has more power to change society in a positive manner as long as they are willing to listen to others. Right now, both sides in this fight value The Truth like it was play-doh, by manipulating it, bending it, and destroying it for their own selfish agendas. 

The Truth seems to be The Truth as long as you achieve your stated goal by any means necessary. It just doesn’t matter if The Truth is true anymore. 

It’s a real conundrum as to how American society was able to sink to this all time new low. However, we believe this all begins and ends with ratings. 

If it weren’t for ratings, News Media conglomerates wouldn’t be specializing their news, tailor made for specific audiences to get targeted ratings. Shock and Awe news became the go-to topic of choice for all consumption, as those stories got the biggest numbers. Over time, the erosion of quality or non-biased news became a slow decline, which has now found us in this new predicament.

Ratings do not equal The Truth. 

I always like to hark back to something most people forget and it has to do with Reality TV. Specifically, The Real World. The original season of the Real World was an actual social experiment, taking people from all different walks of American life and throwing them into a New York City apartment. It was entertaining and it was real. A combination that just doesn’t exist today. Unfortunately, during The Real World San Francisco, a person on the show named Puck ruined The Real World forever. He was rude, crude and crass. Yes, he was real, but his antics boosted ratings and at the end of the day, he created the ratings blue print for all Reality Shows from there on out. Gone was The Truth, while staged situations became the norm. The Truth was now secondary to ratings. 

Is it a coincidence that the current sitting President of the United States is/was a Reality TV star? The convergence of Reality TV, the lack of The Truth and Ratings seem to now be an Atomic Weapon.

Unlike The Real World, the Reality Show called American Politics now has extreme repercussions. It seems The American People are believing to not believe The Truth from all sides and the more they do not believe The Truth, the higher the ratings become.

The Truth now has an identity crisis. It’s manic. It’s bipolar. It’s sad, depressed, anxiety ridden. It’s a little bit of a narcissist and also the victim. 

Where this roller coaster of emotions stops, nobody knows.

And that’s why The Truth is The Unbalanced Being of the Day.

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