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Uber was already in hot water with many, as their CEO Travis Kalanick is a member of President Trump’s economic advisory group, but now they’ve seemed to up the ante. While there was a strike going on by taxis refusing to pick up passengers at John F. Kennedy International Airport in opposition to President Trump’s refugee ban, Uber crossed the picket line.

Customers took it as evidence the company was trying to profit off of striking workers and have begun the #deleteuber campaign on Twitter, which has now crossed over into the mainstream media. Kalanick expressed concern with the ban in a memo to employees Saturday, saying it would affect “many innocent people,” and that the company would explore how to compensate impacted employees for three months. He planned to raise the issue with Trump at a Friday meeting. But his explanation didn’t satisfy many customers, who flooded Uber’s site with complaints.

At a time when there was already a debate on the lack of respect for city laws and bylaws when it comes to your own company, this just throws more flames into the fire. To us, Uber just doesn’t care about anything but themselves. They are selfish, narcissistic, and have the philosophy of ‘shoot first, ask questions later.’ For the most part, people have ignored them as they haven’t seen how their service negatively effects cities and cab drivers who pay all the necessary legal fees to drive you everywhere. However, now they are in the spotlight and everyone can see just who they are and who they’ll run over just to make a dollar. 

And that’s why Uber is The Unbalanced Being of the Day.

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