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All over the world today, Women are marching and protesting the new government of the United States of America. Donald Trump has shined a light on the fact that most of white male America still does not respect women. It’s no wonder why they’re so angry, annoyed, outraged, heated, impassioned,  and offended. We could have added more synonyms, but you get the picture.

If the election of Donald Trump was good for anything, it was to show that the quiet divide was still a real thing. The mouth piece of this movement just brought it to the surface so everyone could see it plain as day. White males didn’t like their pecking order being taken from them and they had to flex their power.

On such a big day, white males in power still just don’t understand the plight of women and other races.

Michael Flynn Jr, the son of President Trump’s national security adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, mocked the Women’s March on Twitter, writing that women already have equal rights and asking if they want “free mani/pedis.”

Talk show host Piers Morgan tweeted  “Imagine if there were a load of men-only marches today? The feminists would go crackers,” Morgan wrote in one of MANY tweets on the subject, saying in another, “I’m planning a ‘Men’s March’ to protest at the creeping global emasculation of my gender by rabid feminists. Who’s with me?” “Let’s be honest, ladies.. today’s Women’s March is just an anti-democratic protest at Trump winning the presidency,” Morgan also tweeted, going on to argue, “One of the main reasons Hillary lost was that she & her supporters exuded air of entitlement to her becoming being 1st female president.”

What these people don’t understand is this just isn’t about a march about your own government. People from all over the world marched in their own cities. Places where women don’t nearly have as many rights as they do in the United States of America. Today’s march is about all women, EVERYWHERE! It’s a united stand against governments that oppress women. So yes! There is a reason women are angry, annoyed, outraged, heated, impassioned,  and offended. They’ve had enough and it’s time for a change.

Today, Women around the world are The Unbalanced Beings of Day, and rightfully so…….. I love you mom.

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