I Got the Februarys Real Bad

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This time of year is pretty infamous for being a downer if you live in the Northen Hemisphere. I mean it’s grey and cold, the days are short and the nights are long, we have been schlepping around in our winter-wear for far too long. By this time, we are all pretty over this season but, Winter won’t be over for us for a while still. If the bleak days aren’t enough in themselves even if you are one of those lucky/crazy people who adore this time of year (don’t get me wrong, I do love winter on certain days, just not the ongoing drudgery of it. Pretty good at accepting the weather as the days come, being thankful I have the right gear and a roof over my head, but even with all of that relative positivity- I get crushed!) apparently all of us should be thinking about our vitamin d levels because pretty much everybody will be falling short come this time. And you can learn more from the experts herehere and here.

If I look back over the years, I would say that I pretty much always have my most truly terrible bouts of depression in the Winter right in the middle of February. Christmas, New year, Valentines all take their toll. Usually, there will be a round of getting wickedly sick, which knocks me down. Depending on what situational triggers life might be providing and how well I might be coping with them, and the people around me all doing the same. And then there is just the cyclic nature of clinical depression, can’t blame it all on Winter- I have had some huge bouts of the blues in the most pleasant times of year (which is its own kind of bummer).

So there are lots of layers to feeling down in the dumps, and we have varying levels of control on them all. This bad poem is to remind me to be proactive on the ones that are pretty easily crossed off the list to help myself have more fortitude to deal with the ones that are more challenging.

These are three things on my ‘feel better’ shopping list so I thought I would share below, do a little reading and see what might be right for you- Vitamin D – Turmeric – Vitamin B12🙂

And since we all know misery loves company check out the Frozen Lake Demon

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