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My default inclination is to handle each and every situation as sarcastically as I can. It’s just in my nature. Fortunately, the smattering of couth I have is enough to make me realize that I probably shouldn’t write sarcastically about that Logan Paul video everyone is talking about. 

In the video, YouTuber Logan Paul, who has officially claimed the title of the Most Obnoxious Tourist Ever, comes across a body while walking through Japan’s suicide forest. He filmed it and posted the video to YouTube. Why the hell would anyone do that, you ask? Because to Logan Paul and Friends, the idea of turning off the camera doesn’t come to mind. To Logan Paul and Friends, the Almighty View Count is more important than preserving the dignity of a person who took their own life.

This point has been discussed ad nauseam by people who possess a far more scrupulous hand than I’ll ever have. It was certainly the worst thing that Logan Paul did on his trip to Japan, but recently, another video has been circling that shows him engaging in other incredibly culturally disrespectful acts during his trip to Tokyo. 

In the video, he plays perfectly the part of Douchebag Tourist by running around in a kimono, taking off his pants in the middle of the street, and sticking dead fish in people’s faces. His actions have, of course, left anyone who’s seen the “prank video” with the biggest sense of secondhand embarrassment ever.

If you’re mortified by Logan Paul’s actions, congratulations: you have that wonderful human emotion known as shame that sometimes – hopefully – stops us from doing really dumb shit.

The video has circulated all over Facebook, and currently has over 13 million views. With comments like, “OMG, I can’t believe he’d do that in a foreign country!” to “Revoke this idiot’s passport,” it’s clear that people just aren’t buying whatever it is that Logan Paul is trying to sell. He may have gained followers because of these acts, but whatever reputation he had is in the gutter.

Logan Paul’s actions have also led to viewers worrying about how they’ll be perceived overseas.

“I’m supposed to go to Japan in a few months. What if people see me and think I’m going to throw dead fish at them? I just… God… I can’t imagine anything worse than someone assuming I’m like Logan Paul,” Rachel Harris ranted in a comment on the video.

Tim Hill, a therapist who really likes to brag about his frequent flyer miles, has given a name to this specific social media anxiety disorder. “It’s called Tokyophobia. Nothing like Tokophobia; I assure you. With Tokyophobia you see Westerners, especially Americans, being afraid that any little thing they do wrong might seem like a slight against the country they’re visiting. People like Logan Paul exacerbate this condition.”

He suggests learning extensively about Japan before you visit. “Really get a feel for the culture. Learn some phrases. Understand what cultural differences are respectful or disrespectful. Use common sense. Would you wear a Pikachu costume in public and throw plush Pokeballs at random cars in your hometown? I didn’t think so. Don’t fucking do it in Japan, either.”

His final advice was for those with the worst cases of Tokyophobia. “When all else fails, remember Rule Number One: Don’t be a dick. And if you’re that worried about it, just sew a Canadian flag onto every article of clothing you own.”

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