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The Trace Back technique is a tool in the category of Awareness. I mainly use this tool when it comes to my addictions; however, it’s useful for many other issues as well. First I’ll explain how I use it and then we’ll break down how you can use it in different situations.

So who else reading this has an addictive personality? Drug Addict? Gambling Addict? Sex Addict? Love Addict? This list can go on and on. Just insert your addiction here.

Addiction is just a symptom of an underlying cause. When you have a lower back problem, most people think they should figure out how to fix the lower back, however, what if it’s the way you move your left knee when you walk that causes the lower back issue? When it comes to addiction, the tool that we use to stop it dead in its track is called The Trace Back.

I’ve been an addict of many different kinds, but the last one was drugs, specifically Cocaine. I tried quitting for over a year, and I always found my way back to it. The stops and starts were frustrating, to say the least. I could hold off for a while, but eventually, one day, the cravings would win.

I had taken a workshop a few years earlier, and one of the Awareness Tools I learned was to be mindful of choices I was making. To say to myself, I don’t like this choice, why am I doing it? What happened for me to get to this point? What triggered this? What was I feeling? Where in my past did I have that feeling and to what does it relate? What is the reality of the situation? These questions were, in essence, The Trace Back.

Using The Trace Back method, whenever I have a craving for drugs and trust me, I still do, I then ask myself the questions. What happened earlier in the day or yesterday that got me here? I’d usually find I was triggered by an old wound from childhood that dismantled my confidence. I was now in a reactive state and creating a situation in my head that did not exist. Once I find my way back to this spot, I’m able to understand how I got to this very moment and be aware of why I’m trying to medicate. I’m now able to give myself a hug I need consciously, and I’m mindful of the fact that the self-medicating will not fix my problem. Instead, I think of a better way to release the stress of my issues, which will benefit the calming of my mind and is a healthier choice. These days, it’s usually running, and I’ve now taken up boxing.

The Trace Back can be used for more than just addiction. For example, when it comes to people who don’t stand up for themselves or have low self-esteem when you encounter a situation where you cower or run, you can use The Trace Back. You don’t like how you react, so go backward in time and figure out the old wound that’s making you reactive. Once you’re aware of the underlying issue, you can examine it further and make your own decision for it to control you anymore. Once you have this strength, you can build yourself to standing up, pushing back and regaining the essence of who you are.

How do you feel about The Trace Back technique? Any examples of how you’ve used it in your life? Tell us in the comments below!

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