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The Tool

This tool is as easy as it gets.

All you need is some anger that needs expressing (old or new, it works great for both), a small hand towel, and something firm and nonbreakable to snap at (think door jam or an open wall), and maybe a little privacy so you can really get into it.

So think about whatever, and whoever you are upset about for a moment just to bring it up, roll up your towel, and with a good cracking snap yell out the things you’d like to get off your chest (“I hate it when your heart is closed to me” is what I first learned so I often go with that). Keep up the snapping for a good 5 minutes (setting an alarm helps, take a few big breaths and let it all go and get on with your day. If it was a particularly intense and triggering session, consider an Epson salt soak, or even a just a shower to wash it off.

For just a little frustration once might be enough, but for more longstanding deeply rooted issues it is recommended to do this practice for a few days in a row and then take a few off. Practice as needed.

Why I like the Tool

This tool is so simple that I often forget to use it. Like many people I find anger to be an incredibly uncomfortable emotion to deal with. It overwhelms me, chokes down my words, and is something I have a habit of keeping in- more than I know is healthy for me. I am more often prone to let it fester on my insides, making myself sick then to express my feelings in the appropriate way to the appropriate party. Well unless it happens to be a door jam I have stubbed my toe on, that guy is sure to get the full brunt of my rage, lol.

The great thing about this tool, beyond how easy it is, and how satisfying it is, is that its something you can do all on your own. Not that we shouldn’t learn how to have hard conversations and that it is perfectly fine (and just plain healthy) to express a full range of emotions.

Favourite Resources

I learned this tool from one of my most favorite hosts at Hay House Radio, Dr Christiane Northrup*. She is always sharing tools that she picks up from other teachers. I couldn’t remember where she got this one but a little web search brought me to this great article (“Expectations are premature resentments”-damn!) Certainly worth a read if you want to learn more about this simple and effective tool and absolutely a must if you are interested in inner child work and feeling more balanced and whole.

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