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Songs to listen when depressed have a way of tugging at your soul. Not only can they dish a pick-me-up, others dig deep enough to help you let go of psychological burdens. Personally, these ten songs are mostly scapegoats for me. Possibly they will remind you too of a larger meaning to life bigger than any shite immediate circumstances you might be facing. Some make me want to shake or dance, sometimes they mean nothing and everything- I just like to sit, listen, and blow smoke out into the sky.

1.The Jesus and The Mary Chain- Happy When It Rains

This song reminds me of a dear love that I’ve had to learn (the tough way) to let go of. We seemed to always get caught in the rain. Through it all though, I mostly appreciate some beautiful times when I listen to this track and it transcends any bitterness or regret.

2. Townes Van Zandt – Our Mother The Mountain

This song is like potion, Townes Van Zandt’s has been a great companion some recent and lonely mornings.

3.Sonic Youth- 100%

I like to listen to this song when I’m low cause the entire album is empowering af. I put it on driving in my truck and yell all the lyrics, I especially like the line: “… I’ve been Around the world a million times and all you men are slime” 😉

4. Mazola- Pot Song

Mazola is super special to me, the bands made up of some dear and talented pals that have seen me through many years of transformation. This song always cheers me up and is my favorite live.

5. Pharmakon- Bestial Burden

Ahhhhhhhhhh I love this song, words cannot explain. I love walking around playing Bestial with my headphones on, especially when you need to get shit done and are exhausted or mentally fucked- she works like a charm.

6. Monica – Don’t take it Personal

‘Nuff said.

7. Suicide- Dream Baby Dream

Mm.. Suicide is a go to when I’m low. Chin up and don’t take life too seriously.

8. Rowland S. Howard- Dead Radio

A friend recently introduced this track to me, if you’re sad in the morning it’s a good one to clear your mind to.

9. Lydia Lunch and Rowland S. Howard – In My Time of Dying

Love love love this song.. I sing it in the shower, Lydia Lunch reminds me to toughen up and not care about the things you can’t control.

10. Primal Scream – Damaged

Well, I have to end with Primal Scream because listening to the album Screamadelica for the first time was probably the closest thing to a religious experience I’ve ever had. I’ve listened to this song many a time on repeat during some lows.

If you don’t know now you know.


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