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 As someone who battles with Bipolar Disorder, the Manic highs and the Depressive lows, but mostly the Mania for me, I find refuge in music that understands me. In reality, I’m more of an Old School Hip Hop/Deep House kinda person, but when the party is over, I like to be by myself and listen to songs that I resonate with, even though they may not all be the genres I would listen to if I were out with friends. These ones are more my secrets if you catch my drift. I hope they find you in your time of need just like they do for me. Here’s my Top Ten Mental Health Songs. Enjoy!

1. 1-800-273-8255 By: Logic, Alessia Cara, Khalid
The name of this song is a suicide prevention hotline. The lyrics are about an interaction between a suicidal man and a crisis worker at the suicide hotline. I listen to it when I feel most alone and makes me feel better that someone else is feeling the same way.

“I don’t wanna be alive. I just wanna die today. I just wanna die. And let me tell you why. And my life don’t even matter. I know it I know it I know I’m hurting deep down but can’t show it. I never had a place to call my own. I never had a home. Ain’t nobody callin’ my phone. Where you been? Where you at? What’s on your mind?. They say every life precious but nobody care about mine”

2. XO Tour Life – Lil Uzi Vert
This intensely popular song has 236,394,267 views on YouTube right now, and has gone 3x platinum. It capitalizes on the glamorization of suicide and pill use, over a very catchy trap beat. It reminds me of how it feels in my Manic episodes and reminds me to slow down.

“She says I’m insane, yeah. I might blow my brains out. Xanny, help the pain, yeah. Please, Xanny, make it go away. Should’ve saw the way she looked me in my eyes. She said: “Baby, I am not afraid to die.” Push me to the edge. All my friends are dead”

3. “By Myself” by Linkin Park

Chester Charles Bennington, the lead singer and song writer for Linkin Park, who recently passed away by suicide, had written about clinical depression throughout his music. His song ‘Be Myself’ always has me thinking about the masks I put on to entertain others but when left alone, I must deal with me.

“Do I hide my pride from these bad dreams. And give in to sad thoughts that are maddening? Do I sit here and try to stand it? Or do I try to catch them red-handed? Do I trust some and get fooled by phoniness. Or do I trust nobody and live in loneliness? Because I can’t hold on when I’m stretched so thin. I make the right moves but I’m lost within. I put on my daily facade but then. I just end up getting hurt again. By myself (myself)

4. Gasoline – Halsey
A mega-pop track that Halsey wrote about having Bi-Polar disorder. The hurricane part of this song really hits me hard as that’s what my parents called me growing up. It was my nickname and I embodied it and now it makes me cry.

“I think there’s a flaw in my code. These voices won’t leave me alone. Well my heart is gold and my hands are cold. Are you deranged like me? Are you strange like me? Lighting matches just to swallow up the flame like me? Do you call yourself a fucking hurricane like me? Pointing fingers ’cause you’ll never take the blame like me?”

 5. Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies 

This song fucking rocks. I used to listen to it when I was an undiagnosed angsty teen. It was like a mantra for living at home with depression and anxiety but not being able to express myself.

“I’m not crazy, institution. You’re the one who’s crazy, institution. You’re driving me crazy, institution. They stuck me in an institution. Said it was the only solution. To give me the needed professional help. To protect me from the enemy, myself. They give you a white shirt with long sleeves. Tied around you’re back, you’re treated like thieves. Drug you up because they’re lazy. It’s too much work to help a crazy”
6. Breathe Me – Sia
This is a very poignant song about self harming and Sia’s perspective on it. I was a cutter very briefly but I rub the small scar I do have whenever I listen to this song.
“Help, I have done it again. I have been here many times before. Hurt myself again today. And the worst part is there’s no one else to blame”
7. Adam’s Song – Blink 182
This song was used as a PSA for Suicide Awareness. It was considered a very serious tone for Blink 182 at the time, considering their humour-based modus operandi. I was never a Blink 182 person, but you’ll catch me singing every word of this song when it pops on my playlists. It reminds me to love everyone while we’re all still here.
“I never thought I’d die alone. Another six months I’ll be unknown. Give all my things to all my friends. You’ll never step foot in my room again. You’ll close it off, board it up. Remember the time that I spilled the cup. Of apple juice in the hall. Please tell mom this is not her fault”
8. 4st 7lb by Manic Street Preachers
A song about anorexia nervosa, based on a man who weighs 72 pounds and starves himself down to 63. This song is just devastating. I can’t even. 
“Days since I last pissed. Cheeks sunken and despaired. So gorgeous sunk to six stone. Lose my only remaining home. See my third rib appear. A week later all my flesh disappear. Stretching taut, cling-film on bone. I’m getting better”
9. Threads by Portishead
Anxiety and depression are encapsulated perfectly in this trippy and visceral song by Portishead. It will hit you right in the feels as it always does with me..
“I battle my thoughts I find I can’t explain. I’ve traveled so far but somehow feel the same. I’m worn, tired of my mind. I’m worn out, thinking of why I’m always so unsure. I am one Damned One”
10.”Tidal Wave” by Owl City 
The most upbeat song I’ve ever heard about clinical depression- including Adam’s Song by Blink 182. I like listening to this when I’m trying to break out of a depressive state. It’s like I know there’s an opening and somehow this song might get me there.

“It hurts just to wake up whenever you’re wearing thin. Alone on the outside. So tired of looking in. The end is uncertain. And I’ve never been so afraid. But I don’t need a telescope to see that there’s hope. And that makes me feel brave”

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