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You may be a person who thinks motivational quotes are cheesy and you have all the right to feel that way. But for me, they are the lifeblood of starting my day off right. The ones I use may not be your cup of tea either as everyone is different. Motivational quotes are personal and finding the right one that fit your needs, and wants are crucial. So here are my Top 10 Motivational quotes and I hope they encourage you to hunt the internet for yours as well.

Do Epic Shit

I have this reminder scribbled on a post-it on my vanity mirror. I want to create an exhilarating life when I’m traveling, socializing, meeting people, etc. It sets the perfect tone for the day. It’s my version of “say yes to opportunities.”

There Is Precious Little You Cannot Do Today

This quote reminds me that being overwhelmed is a symptom of poor time management. Taking the extra time to prioritize tasks as Time Sensitive, Important or On-My-Radar items has helped me gain control of my debilitating anxiety and helps to recalibrate my energy.

What’s The Next Right Step

I heard Oprah use this and realized that I don’t need to be in a constant state of ACHIEVING, but just in a constant state of PROGRESSION. And sometimes the right next step is a Pivot so don’t get too ahead of yourself!

Define Ambition

I wrote this at the top of my agenda every single day in College. I wasn’t the smartest kid in my class, but I was definitely the most ambitious, and I knew that was my secret power. It got me working in my field of study, which is rare these days, and I grinded away to my goals.

What Would You Do If It Were Impossible To Fail

This removes my self-imposed limitations so I can think BIG PICTURE and really access my wildest dreams.

Win Or Break Even

Self-doubt can be crippling. Overthinking certain situations has really held me back in the past. So I began to look at things as I’m either winning or breaking even. Losing was taken out of my vocabulary. Breaking even means being exactly where I started off and that doesn’t break my confidence.

Always Be Curious

Social anxiety shows up by playing out the worst case scenarios in my head and anticipating a terrible outcome. So, I’ve made a pact with myself to show up and always be curious about who I’m interacting with. This helps in meetings and relationships.

You Are Who You Spend Time With

This quote reminds me to take a hard look at my who I choose to work and spend my day with. Sometimes people agree to be around people in work or relationship settings that are pretty terrible people. With this quote, I remind myself every day to cut the negativity from my life as soon as it hits my homepage. NO DRAMA NEEDED!

Be Ashamed To Die Until You Have Won Some Victory For Humanity

When I heard this was my idol Neil Degrasse Tyson’s tombstone request, I realized that that should be my purpose too. Creating a victory for humanity, being selfless, is something I want to be. I live for this quote.

Carpe Diem

Seize the damn day!! Yes, I’m this cheesy. You will never live this same day again or this same minute. Time is fleeting and you have to take advantage of this one precious life you have to live. This quote has helped me follow my passion, backpack to exotic places alone, scuba dive with sharks, and get the work life that I wanted.

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