Top 10 Phobias of Carrie Bradshaw

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Queen of single women, sassy writers, and queens, Carrie Bradshaw is as fabulous as they come. Even if you hate her, you love her. At least I do. But it’s this tenuous relation to her that continues to fascinate me and draws me back to her ridiculous relationships. Is she just highly emotional but truly a hopeful romantic? Is she irrational or just trying her best? Maybe, like the rest of us, she’s just too afraid to make it work. Here are ten phobias that heroine of heroines, Carrie Bradshaw, very likely exhibits.

Anuptaphobia | The Fear of Being Single – This one’s simple. Carrie obviously fears being single. I mean, after each wretched break-up, she would have done very well to have some “me”-time and consider what lessons that relationship taught her. Instead, she jumps into rebounds like the one with the jazz-man, or the pigeon-whisperer with a sty, or even—believe it—Mr. Big. Nobody ever said the ultimate rebound couldn’t be with the one being rebounded from.

Disposophobia | The Fear of Getting Rid of Stuff – There’s no doubt about the fact that Carrie couldn’t throw things out. She even admitted it when she couldn’t get rid of that shredded, beige top (that she wore to a book signing), and then flaunted her tendency to hoard as she wore it out of the house at the end of the episode. Give it up, girl, and make room for Aidan.

Cacophobia | The Fear of Ugliness – She’s unconventionally beautiful, but ugly is not a word I would use to describe Carrie. This could be because of her own fear of ugliness. I mean, she refused to see Berger in her very casual outfit without any makeup on, and need I remind you of “Single and Fabulous?”?

Hypengyophobia or Hypegiaphobia | The Fear of Responsibility – Just keep spending money on shoes. You don’t need money for real-life stuff like an apartment. Don’t worry about it, Carrie. Those Manolos couldn’t possibly stay on the shelf. This isn’t fear of responsibility—just, perhaps, fear of the wrong responsibility. (Yeah, right).

Decidophobia | The Fear of Making Decisions – Did Carrie ever make a big decision?

Homilophobia | The Fear of Being Preached To – This ain’t just religious. Carrie has an aversion to sermons of all types. Not confined to dropping missals on the head of your boyfriend’s mother who has never heard of her, but also sermons from her well-meaning (and well-informed) friends who tried to steer her away from Mr. Big countless times. Alas.

Gamophobia | The Fear of Commitment – This may well be self-explanatory, but I digress. Afraid of marriage? It wouldn’t seem so in the first movie when she pestered Big into nuptial vows on a ridiculous if highly sophisticated scale, but her aversion to Aidan’s way more earnest and romantic proposal fell on frightened ears and a finger that just couldn’t bear the weight of a ring.

Syngenesophobia | The Fear of Relatives – We heard a little about Carrie’s awful father when her handsome advisor at Vogue tried to take her under his wing (and his pantsuit), but beyond that, there is little word of any other relatives. Even Aidan’s parents evoke such an acute fear within her that she refuses to meet them—at least at first. So much for that.

Bathophobia | The Fear of Depths – This fear of depth is more literal than anything, but on the interpretive side of things, nobody is more afraid of depth than Ms. Carrie Bradshaw. Sure, she delves into issues in her column, uses her friends’ experiences as fodder for productivity, but her own issues are never sorted out appropriately. She asks the questions but rarely finds the answers. While watching, I couldn’t help but wonder: is she at all qualified to be writing this?

Counterphobia | Seeking a Feared Situation – The most ridiculous thing about Carrie is that, despite all her fears (or the behaviour that certainly points toward potential phobias), she continues to rack up bad experiences, get hurt, and meet the silliest men. Her preference for finding herself in the fearful situations that she so seems to avoid may be unconscious, but it’s hard to believe she never means to make an appearance.

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