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Dorothy Gale is the silver screen heroine who’s been capturing our hearts since childhood, with some goddamn catchy-ass songs we can’t get out of our heads. Growing up in rural Kansas, kicking around tumbleweeds was probably the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her, at least until she’s swept up in a tornado and magically transported to the world of Oz. It’s definitely way cooler than Kansas, but Dorothy’s time here isn’t all poppies and rainbows. She goes through some shit, and she’s got some serious phobias because of it.

Kenophobia | Fear of Empty Spaces – Ever drive through Kansas? It’s flat, boring, and empty. Yawn. If we were Dorothy, we’d probably develop Kenophobia, too. Maybe it should just be called Kansaphobia.

Trypanophobia | Fear of Injections – Dorothy runs away because of Miss Gulch, the OG Cruella De Vil, wants to put Toto to sleep for going in her garden. Seriously. You don’t get more evil than wanting to put down Toto. Honestly, we’re not sure how euthanasia worked in the 1930s, and that’s not a rabbit hole we’re willing to go down. So we’re just gonna say, yeah… fear of injections.

Agateophobia – Fear of Insanity – When Dorothy returns from Oz and tells her family about the weird “dream” she had, she insists it was real. They don’t believe her, of course, and Dorothy probably wonders if she’s losing it.

Xanthophobia | Fear of the Color Yellow – “Follow the Yellow Brick Road!” We can’t imagine she actually had a great time skipping endlessly down that damn path. And scary shit happened too!!

Anthophobia | Fear of Flowers – Those poppies, you know what I mean? They’re a bitch when you’re trying to accomplish something. Imagine how much easier Dorothy’s journey might have been if not for that opium poppy field. Opium addiction! It’s all the rage these days.

Lilasophobia | Fear of Tornadoes or Hurricanes – Dorothy is swept up and carried away to another land in a freaking tornado. She’d be nuts to have not developed lilasophobia. NUTS!! At least she landed in one piece.

Wiccaphobia or Wiccophobia | Fear of Witches or Witchcraft – Nice try, Glinda, but all your good deeds can’t undo the shit that the Wicked Witch of the West inflicted on Dorothy. Stay away. Stay far away. You and your brooms that fly.

Arsonophobia | Fear of Fire – Dorothy watches in horror as the Wicked Witch sets the Scarecrow on fire. Talk about nightmare fuel.

Ombrophobia | Fear of Rain – Girl can’t catch a break. Dousing the Wicked Witch of the West in water saved Dorothy and her friends, but it’s still pretty traumatizing to see someone melt in front of your eyes. Actually, it’s horrifying. 

Xylophobia | Fear of Forests – Dorothy doesn’t have the best experience in the Haunted Forest, so it’s understandable that she might acquire xylophobia. Still, she keeps going, even when the Tin Man is lifted off the ground and dropped back down on his ass.

Ecophobia | Fear of Home – This is a phobia Dorothy actually overcomes! After running away from home, only to later be taken away from Kansas altogether, “There’s no place like home” becomes her mantra. See? It can be done.

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