Top 10 Phobias of Harry Potter

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Everyone remembers Harry Potter, right? The boy who lived? Remember him?…….Well, yeah, I was a  big fan too. Like, super huge. I didn’t go to any conventions or anything like that, but I had a Harry Potter mousepad for awhile. That should count for something, right? Anyways, I should stop talking and just get straight to why you’re here, Harry Potter’s Top 10 Phobias, in no particular order……maybe.

Ophidiophobia | The Fear of Snakes – When every pest of a wizard is in Slytherin, and they all hate your guts, then you better be scared. I mean, they all know black magic! Where were all the anti-bullying laws when these books were written? Seriously. Like D’uh!

Spectrophobia | The Fear of Mirrors – In Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, who would have thunk it, that a mirror gave Harry quite the fright. Not just any mirror, The Mirror of Erised. And I know what you’re thinking, didn’t that mirror show all his desires. Well, yes, but at the same time, those desires were enough to drive one crazy. If Harry stared into it longer, he probably would have never stopped. Scary stuff. I better take a walk now, as I’m terrified just thinking about what harry must have been thinking.

Nyctohylophobia | The Fear of Dark Woods – How many times has Harry gone into the woods and how many times has he been scared to the point that he crapped his pants? Like a minimum 11 times. MINIMUM!

Arachnophobia | The Fear of Spiders – In the realm of Harry Potter’s world, Ron Weasley was the one who was truly petrified of spiders, but no offense to Weasley and his hand me down clothes, but when a giant spider comes charging towards you, you’re all peeing your pants, including Harry Potter.

Phasmophobia | The Fear of Ghosts – Remember the Bloody Baron from Slytherin House? The death of Helena Ravenclaw was on his hands! Harry remembers! It’s why he has night terrors. If you don’t remember the night terrors, it’s because that book hasn’t been published……..yet.

Catagelophobia | The Fear of Ridicule – How many times has that despicable, Draco Malfoy, ridiculed Harry in front of a group of people? All the time! How many times has Harry fallen for this underhanded tactic? All the time! You’d think a wizard would have learned by now! But no, Cataglophobia is deeply ingrained him. Why? Just wait for the next phobia below to explain….And you thought there would be no particular order on this list….. Shame on you for underestimating me.

 Syngenesophobia | The Fear of Relatives – As stated above, Harry had a deep fear of his relatives, and for good reason. His Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin, all hated him……with a passion. They made him sleep in a closet. They never let him do anything. He was blamed for everything. They always told him he was terrible. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It was just flat out abuse. So yes, no wonder he has Syngenesophobia…… You would too, if you had to live with those muggles.

Wiccaphobia | The Fear of Witches & Witchcraft – For every Professor Mcgonagall, there’s a Bellatrix Lestrange. Are you scared yet? I would be. She’s pure evil. The purest. When Harry saw the look in her eye, he knew he was in trouble. “Hell hath no fury like an evil witch scorned.” – Harry Potter

Monophobia / Autophobia | The Fear of Being Alone – If your parents were murdered by a crazy wizard, you’d have Monophobia/Autophobia too. All Harry ever wanted were friends and a family he could call his own. Thank goodness for Hagrid, and Dumbledore, and Ron Weasley, all the Weasley’s, and Hermoine Granger. You can’t forget Hermoine, as she’s the smartest friend he’s got. Way smarter than Harry himself. In fact, he really didn’t study much and always got in trouble at school. If it wasn’t for her, where would he be? The answer? Probably dead. No wonder he has fears of being alone. 

Tyrannophobia | The Fear of Tyrants – Hello! Did you see this one coming? Nothing puts fear into Harry Potter as much ‘He Who Cannot Be Named’. Okay, Okay, I’ll say his name. I don’t want to, but I will, against my better judgement. The tyrant I’m talking about is none other than LORD VOLDEMORT. That’s right, all caps for that one. Did this guy even have a nose? Anyways, Harry cried himself to sleep over this dude/wizard forever. He terrified Harry in every way, and I won’t say it’s unjustified. Voldemort did kill his parents, tons of wizards, some of his friends, and I’m sure a muggle or two as well. Harry may have been the boy that lived, but he was also the boy that lived in fear of this Magical Tyrant for his whole entire life. For some strange reason, Voldemort was scared of him too, which is kinda of weird, cause he was scared of a baby. A BABY!! Anywho….. Tyrannophobia.

Let’s just finish this whole phobia list off by saying that Harry Potter rules, because just like us muggles, this Harry Potter wizard guy had fears too. Magic or no magic, we’re all the same inside. Truth!

 The Phobias List Book Recommendation

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