Top 10 Phobias of Jerry Seinfeld

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Top 10 Phobias of Jerry Seinfeld

One of the many things we love about the (character) Jerry Seinfeld is his ability to not only sit back and watch his friend’s mishaps and unfortunate events in their lives unfold, without getting himself involved of course! But he can use it as humor. This often calm and collected stand up comic, who usually finds himself breaking even in life, always seems to find something to complain about no matter the situation. But who would this fine fellow be without his quirks and opinions?

Fear of Relationships | Philophobia –  Okay let’s start with the obvious, shall we? We all know he likes his privacy but 70 some girlfriends throughout 9 years? I mean come on! Jerry, commit already! 

Fear of Emotion | Emotophobia –  I get it! This one seems obvious considering the previous, however, I’m not just talking about romantic relationships here. I mean all relationships. One time he shed a tear and acted as if he didn’t know what it was! GEEZ!

Fear of People | Sociophobia – Once you get to know the guy, sure maybe he’ll consider knowing your name. However, he has his three friends that he claims is all he needs, but to meet someone and immediately decide what you don’t like about them seems a little neurotic. I guess it’s part of his charm? CHARMING!

Fear of Being Alone | Autophobia OR Monophobia – Twice he acted out in a panic when; he assumed George would leave the group if he got married and when Elaine announced, she felt the need to join another crew. So even though he doesn’t like people, he likes the company he keeps. Such a contradiction. Sounds like my boyfriend.

Fear of Change | Tropophobia OR Metathesiophobia –  Okay, all I am going to say about this is just consider his hair cut….it never changes, let alone his style! So 90’s…..but the 90’s is coming back….so what do I know?

Fear of Long Waits | Macrophobia – Jerry is often seen becoming irritated while waiting in lines or if he knows there’ll be a wait. He’ll then choose an alternate option right off the bat. Talk about having zero patience. A 6 year old with ADD has more patience than Jerry.

Fear of Dirt | Rhypophobia OR Rupophobia – The guy is obsessed with keeping things clean. OBSESSED! He can’t stand a mess! Yet he is one emotionally…..Interesting.

Fear of Responsibility | Hypengyophobia OR Hypegiaphobia – Unless it’s decided for him, Jerry consistently tries to get himself out of situations where he’ll be responsible for someone else. He once lied about having to tutor his Nephew in order to get out of a situation. What a great guy. 

Fear of Conflict | Allodoxaphobia – Although rarely satisfied and often underwhelmed, it appears Jerry would much rather sit at home watching the baseball game or listen to his friends talk about one of their challenging scenarios, then deal with a conflict involving him directly. However, when he does, he does it like a child would……or Donald Trump.

Fear of Insanity | Dementophobia – I mean I don’t blame the guy. If I switched apartments with Kramer, I too would consider my habits and fear for my sanity. 

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