Top 10 Phobias of Norman Bates

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Top 10 Phobias of Norman Bates

We’ve seen this character appear in many different forms and adaptations. His ability to flip personality at any moment, which is usually the case when the topic of his mother is threatened or he fears his sanity is being questioned. This is what makes Norman Bates so interesting to watch. Well… that and his flirtatious, awkward, yet childlike personality. Although the crossdressing is not the NORM!! (Pun Intended), we secretly want to see him succeed at finally parting ways from his mother’s possessive spell. Or dare I say, partying ways with himself?

Panophobia | Fear of Reality  –  He creates situations for himself to handle….his way. Norman plays many roles to resolve them. He fears the reality around him and the outcome of the situations. Often escaping it by creating chaos as an outcome. Are you scared yet? I am just writing this. I should turn on the lights.

Monophobia | Fear of Himself – Norman often changes his mood by flipping from one personality to the next. This  allows him to decide when he wants to face himself and the inevitability of what he is. I have so many relatives that are like this? Remember my brother?

Autophobia | Fear of Being Alone – This guy has been attached to his mother in a very real way and for a very long time.  Unable to deal with the fact that she sometimes strayed from his company, as to spend time with others, he took on her personality to always have her around. Sounds like Enneagram Personality #6.

Basiphobia | Fear of Falling – Although used as a tactic to harm someone so they can’t escape, it’s may be because he also has a fear of falling down stairs….. So he pushes others down them to protect himself from the same fate? Sound reasoning right there.

Ecophobia | Fear of Home – His mother ‘lives’ in the house. Well, according to him anyways. She’s constantly criticizing and ordering his actions. This would drive me nuts. I wouldn’t want to be around this all the time. I’d probably just hang out at bars to just avoid going home. And people call me an alcoholic. I’m an alcoholic for a reason people!!!! Now get off my back.

Cenophobia | Fear of Rooms – He rents rooms at a motel. He cleans the rooms. He’s seen everything that goes on inside them, including his own nightmares. They hold all his secrets. If those walls could talk, he’d be in jail by now. He fears them because of what they hold.

Necrophobia | Fear of Dead Things – Norman is a taxidermist. He stuffs birds as an attempt to view them as alive. Death is a relationship he has yet to grasp.

Didaskaleinophobia | Fear of School  Whether his choice or not, he was homeschooled up until high school. How was never the popular choice among the halls as his awkwardness always got the best of him. If you bullied him at school, I’d be worried right about now.

Xenophobia | Fear of Strangers – Everyone he comes across, that he doesn’t let live past a mere first-time greeting, is doomed whether they know it or not. Afraid of what they will find out or already know, Norman doesn’t like strangers that much. They cause him to do such horrible things.

Phasmophobia | Fear of Ghosts  Hell, isn’t everybody!? When the number one ghost in your life is your mother and she’s an overbearing bitch and a half, you’d fear fucking ghosts too. What a shit show this guys life turned out to be. 

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