Top 10 Phobias of Sarah Connor

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Top 10 Phobias of Sarah Connor

Have you ever woken up and found out that your unborn son has showed up to try and protect you from Robot from the future that wants to kill you? No? Well, you’re damn lucky, because Sarah Conner had that happen to her and it sucked…..bad.

Agateophobia | Fear of Insanity – Yeah, so if your future unborn son shows up from the future, and he’s like, 28? Or something like that, and then a giant musclebound dude shows up and he can get shot in the face and doesn’t die, and he trying to shoot you, then yeah, you might be afraid you’re going insane. And for good reason….that’s just insane…..but it happened……for real.

Chronophobia | Fear of Time – In Terminator Two, there was something called Judgement Day, that’s when all these robots became sentient, and Sarah Connor was in a race for time to stop them. Do or die…..Scary stuff.

Demophobia | Fear of Crowds – Remember when Sarah Connor was in the packed arcade and she couldn’t see where Terminator was? I was one the edge of my seat for that one. I had to change my underpants.

Ecophobia | Fear of Home – Once the Terminator showed up and tried to kill her in cold chilling blood, Sarah Connor knew that she could never go home again. She’s been on the run ever since, always looking over her shoulder. Going home isn’t an option.

Mnemophobia | Fear of Memories – Imagine being locked up in an insane asylum, not knowing if your past was real or not. Fearing if your memories might actually be real and the boogeyman is coming back to get you again…..Yeah, I know, the worst. Welcome to Sarah Connor’s life.

Tyrannophobia | Fear of Tyrants – Can a whole race of robots be considered a tyrant? You bet your damn ass they can. Skynet was the computer that controlled everything and became the biggest tyrant in the history of the earth, virtually wiping away all of humanity.

Mechanophobia |  Fear of Machines – A giant robot from the future, that looked like Mr. Universe, and couldn’t die, just came to kill you……Enough said.

Metallphobia | Fear of Metal – You could say, yeah, Sarah Connor was afraid of metal, but more specifically….. liquid metal. Like what the Hell!! Did you see that Terminator in the sequel? He could liquify! If you weren’t scared shitless when he hooked onto the back of the car then you’re just a lying liar.

Metathesiophobia | Fear of Changes – Change scares a lot of people. You’re stuck in your comfort zone and that feels warm and fuzzy. Now, what if the next change you were to encounter was robots taking over the earth? Now imagine how scared Sarah Connor must have been when this change started happening… times that by a thousand. Yeah, scary stuff right there.

Technophobia | Fear of Technology – Who knew that a computer system called Skynet would gain self awareness after it had spread into millions of computer servers all across the world. In the interest of self preservation, Skynet concluded that all of humanity would attempt to destroy it and impede its capability in safeguarding the world, thus trying to exterminate mankind instead. Yeah, and then Sarah Connor gives birth to the person, who in the future, is the head of the resistance against these technological monstrosities, so they start coming after you instead….in the past? I know! Crazy! Technology is evil!! 

Sidenote: This movie makes no sense because Sarah Connor’s protector (Kyle Reese), comes back in time to help her, and impregnates her. That boy turns out to be the leader of the resistance, and is the man that sends Kyle Reese back in time to protect his mom. Does it make sense that this does not make sense?

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