Top 10 Phobias of Veronica Lodge

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Veronica Lodge is Riverdale’s resident bitchy rich girl, a title she’s constantly fighting Cheryl Blossom for. But Cheryl’s got a bit too much of a sob story, so we’ve gotta give this one to Veronica. Now, that doesn’t mean Roni doesn’t have problems of her own to contend with. She’s certainly amassed her own list of phobias from her time in Riverdale. Seriously, at this point, why do people even live there?

Anuptaphobia  | Fear of Staying Single – It’s the only reason I can think of for someone to voluntarily date Archie Andrews. Archie is the worst…… I wouldn’t even date him and half of my boyfriends have been in jail before.

Ballistophobia  | Fear of Bullets – There’s been a lot of gun violence in Riverdale since Veronica came to town. Her boyfriend’s dad barely survived being shot at Pop’s, so there’s no doubt she’s a little jumpy every time she hears a car backfire. She’s also a high school student in America, so unfortunately, she has to be afraid of bullets by default……Did I just get political? I’ll stop. I don’t even vote.

Ergophobia  | Fear of Work or Seeing Work – She’s a rich girl. Of course she’s afraid of work. Can you imagine Veronica picking up a summer job at a movie theater or something? No, she’d rather just be involved in Daddy’s company. FYI: writing that sentence made me throw up in my mouth.

Litigophobia  | Fear of Lawsuits – Her family is involved in some pretty shady shit. She should probably be worried that someone could take them for all they’re worth. They’ve already practically been excommunicated to Riverdale……Veronica family sounds a lot like mine, minus the being rich part.

Mythophobia  | Fear of False Statements – There are plenty of rumors going around Riverdale, and Veronica, of all people, isn’t immune to them…… It’s like she and I are twins! This is why I eventually moved far away and changed my name. Did you really think Kristy Listy was my real name?

Hamartophobia  | Fear of Sinning – The Black Hood is a nutjob who goes around killing people whom he deems sinful. While he’s A-okay with Betty, Veronica is another story. Considering she’s a party girl who comes from a super corrupt family, she’s definitely worried about the Black Hood setting their target on her……This is how I know Riverdale is just a TV show. In real life, my family would have found the Black Hood in a second and tortured the fuck out of him. My family doesn’t like anyone messing with me…….except if it’s them.

Peniaphobia  | Fear of Poverty – This is a gimme. Of course Veronica is afraid of not having money. When her father is jailed and she and her mother have limited funds, she hardly knows what to do…..I could teach her how strip. That might help the money situation.

Nostophobia  | Fear of Returning Home – Although Veronica’s mom is from Riverdale, she was raised in New York. They moved to Riverdale to avoid scrutiny, but what would happen if Veronica returned to New York? Would she be the subject of even more gossip?………I moved to Pittsburgh. It sucks but no one bothers me.

Melanophobia  | Fear of the Color Black – Who can blame her? The Black Hood has been terrorizing Riverdale, and there’s no way Veronica’s going to come out of this unscathed…..I thought black and white weren’t considered colors?

Syngenesophobia  | Fear of Relatives – Veronica’s mom and dad are quite the pair of manipulative assholes. If she already suspects they hired a hit on Archie’s father, what else does she think they’re capable of? There’s no doubt the Lodges are hiding some deep, dark shit……This is a pain I know all to well. So this is what it sounds like when doves cry.

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