Top 10 Reasons You Should Say ‘No’ More Often

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These days there seems to be endless demands on our time. It’s hard to take time for self-care. Being free shouldn’t mean that you’re available, sometimes we just need downtime to relax and audit our lives. The number of times we say ‘yes’ to our own detriment can be taxing to the point where you just have nothing left. When you’re completely depleted because you’ve never turned anything down, as to keep up an image, then eventually you won’t even be able to help yourself. Saying ‘No’ can actually be an empowering tool to reclaim your time and your life, so you can be the best person you can be for yourself, and then eventually others. So as a reminder, here are my Top 10 reasons for saying ‘NO’ more often.

1. Regain Your Power

Sometimes, it’s easy to lose track of ourselves. From social engagements, to work and family responsibilities it can start to really add up. Saying ‘No’ puts you in the driver’s seat.

2. Build Confidence

By practicing being assertive and have agency over all of your choices. Focus on building authenticity rather than likeableness.

3. Reduce Stress

Clearing your schedule to decompress and regenerate is crucial to mental and physical stress. It’s as important to schedule downtime as it is everything else.

4. Budgeting

Weddings, Fundraisers, Dinners with Friends, Bachelorette Parties – they add up! Learning language like “I can’t commit to this as I have another (wedding/birthday/plan) that day.” Or “Let me think about it first, and I’ll get back to you” can prevent you from overcommitting in the heat of the moment and help you save up those pennies for a goal of your own- like traveling or maybe even a house.

5. Allow People To Find Other Resources

Are you the go-to for helping people move? Giving them a lift? Babysitting their kids or pets? I think it’s time to say ‘No’ and to find other people they can rely on besides you.

6. Set Boundaries

Some people don’t like to listen to you when you say ‘No’ and keep on trying to knock that barrier down. It’s time to not just say ‘No’ but become more unavailable until they get the message.

7. Teach Someone A Lesson

Sometimes you are the reliable one who knows how to fix things like electronics. Maybe its time to say ‘No’ and to teach the person how to fix things by themselves.

8. Focus On Yourself

Start learning more about yourself and your needs. Maybe you didn’t even know you had any needs until you finally said ‘No.’ Who knows what the world has in store for you now? It’s exciting!

9. Disconnecting From Technical World

People can be high maintenance in this age of communication. From text messaging, emails, etc. You need to work overtime to manage your time when you’re getting an influx of calls and notifications. If you were to leave your electronic devices at home by saying ‘NO’ to being a digital slave, you might discover a peacefulness when you leave it all behind. You should try it as it really works.

10. Learn To Outsource

It’s tempting to feel needed or want to take everything on. However, saying “no” to laundry might mean that you drop it off for dry cleaning. Or “no” to weekend chores. Trust others to do things for you as you do for them. It’s amazing to see what you get when you just ask for a helping hand.

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