Top 10 Fears of Michael Myers (Halloween)

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Top 10 Fears of Michael Myers (Halloween)

I know what you’re going to say, how can a ‘Superhuman’ who is arguably one of the scariest and dreaded characters have fears? Well, I dug into what makes this character tick, a bit about his past, and considered some of his habits too. Who knows, perhaps turning some of his behaviours and maneuvers into faults and fears will help some of us to consider going out on October 31st once again.

Fear of Masks | Maskaphobia – Consider this, if he hides behind one and feels his regular presence under it, maybe he will be able to face them without the uncertainty anymore???? Maybe? Hopefully he won’t murder me for asking this.

Fear of Sharp Objects | Aichmophobia – I mean, the man, if we can even call him that, constantly carries a knife around. Sure it’s his weapon of choice, but perhaps his thoughts are “If I have one, one can’t hurt me”?

Fear of Walkers | Ambulophobia – If he walks slow he can’t be afraid of it, right? The only way to get over a fear is to face it head on… extremely pain stakingly slow step at a time.

Fear of Words | Verbophobia – Have you ever heard him speak? He’s a mute. I wonder why?

Fear of Halloween | Samhainophobia – Halloween is the day he commits his most awful crimes, not to mention (spoiler alert) it being the day he killed his sister. Super bad memories times a thousand! 

Fear of Death | Thanatophobia OR Thantophobia – I think this one speaks for itself. He gets shot, he gets stabbed, he gets thrown from windows, his head cut off. He cannot die, or better yet, he chooses not to die, because maybe….he’s just that afraid of it.

Fear of Intimacy | Erotophobia OR Genophobia – Sure this may be a bit of a stretch, however, he stalks these women for a long time….. DAYS! Then what? He kills them of course. All I’m saying is if he wasn’t so scared of intimacy, maybe he’d ask one out on a date, you know? Catch a flick or something, like ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’.

Fear of Teenagers | Ephebiphobia – He basically kills every teen he can find. Aside from being a sociopath, being afraid of teenagers is really the only explanation to me…..or he just wasn’t that popular in high school and is seeking revenge.

Fear of Men | Arrhenphobia – Lets face it. He doesn’t take the time to get to know any men (aside from his psychiatrist, but really, who’s getting to know who in that situation) He doesn’t stalk them, he doesn’t watch them. No, he merely sees them and immediately kills them. He wants them dead……bad!

Fear of Pain | Agliophobia – Even though Michael seems indestructible, with all the slow walking and scary silence stuff, he does get hurt here and there. So yes, he does feel pain, or he wouldn’t fall down from taking a tire iron to the head…….before he eventually kills you.

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