Top 10 Tips For A Better Body Image

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I was overweight in high school. I took extreme measures to get the weight off but my self-image didn’t change (even when I hit 90 pounds). Here are some the Top 10 Tips that helped me conquer my eating disorder and embrace myself at all sizes and stages of my life since my recovery.

Social media diet. Unfollow the accounts that make you feel bad about yourself. Limit your social media intake and avoid the hell out of these scammy Fit-Tea models. Comparison is the thief of joy. Focus on your goals and loving yourself! 

Measure your success by health. Maybe you need to take more steps in a day, or maybe you need to be active for an hour 3 times a week. You can start a competitive group for the most steps with Fitbit (doesn’t have to be brand name! ) For at-home workouts I use kettlebells and YouTube Videos or check out the Quick Fit or Run keeper app. The key is, the exercise releases endorphins and I feel healthy. The feeling is there and my mind can’t trick me into thinking otherwise.

Buy clothes that fit and cut off the tags! Stop hanging on to your old “Size” and get comfortable. Look up body shapes (ex. pear versus apple body shape) to find a sexy wardrobe in all sizes!! Just ask Fashion Nova or Forever 21! Fitting clothes will make you feel and look so much better. 

Get active. I love dance class, boxing, and martial arts. Join a new local group on Facebook or Meetup like; Like Cycling or a beginners Running Club. But also look into awesome hobbies like painting or dancing! It will increase your endorphins and practice socializing with generally positive people.

Determine your ideal lifestylenot your ideal weight. Some people are runners, some are vegans, some do Crossfit – which gives them all staggeringly different HEALTHY weight classes. Variables are everything. You might be a runner wishing you were a body builder. Pick a lane and set your goals accordingly.

Create a plan and stick to it for 21 days. Science says it takes 21 days to build a new habit. So create a plan for your diet or meal plan, goals and activities to get you from Point A to Point B NO MATTER WHERE you are starting from. I highly recommend the 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss as a comprehensive beginner’s guide.

Talk to a professional ( to determine the source of your body image concern. Is it health, social pressure, or perhaps former trauma (like bullying)? This could determine if you have a body image disorder and now you’ll be able to connect with the resources to overcome it.

Dreamboard. Create a visual of your goals as wallpaper for your phone, laptop, or printed out in your room. Include the activities and assets you want (ex. Fitbit, Yoga Mat, Boxing Gloves) to keep it top of mind. 

Train your thinking. Stop looking at your problem areas first when you look in the mirror. When you start criticizing yourself, try to pivot by repeating mantras like: I love myself, I am beautiful, I am amazing, I love me. Rethink your body as a powerful tool and not just for aesthetic. List all of your favourite strengths and features.

Be patient. Not all your days will be good. I use to relapse into terrible eating patterns and my self talk would get dark. Just forgive yourself and say: I will start again tomorrow. Know how to course-correct and more importantly- how to forgive yourself. It’s a journey and self-love requires daily deposits that will accumulate to an (eventually) unbreakable self esteem. 

You will get there. You are worthy. You will succeed.

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