Top 10 Weirdest Phobias Of The 22nd Century

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We here at Massive Phobia  have done our weirdest phobias list before, however, that was for this day and age. We love thinking ahead and what the possibilities of our future might bring us. So without further adieu, here our our Top 10 Weirdest Phobias Of The 22nd Century.

Instelophobia | The Fear of Interstellar Travel – If you thought having a regular fear of flying was a problem, try guiding yourself through star systems. Yeah, this will take a whole different kind of pilot than we’re used to right now.

Holophobia | The Fear of Holodecks – Star Trek comes to life with a real Holodeck. The biggest fear for most will be coming out as one whole piece on the other side. Am I right?

Asterophobia | The Fear of Asteroids – If we’ll be travelling the stars, another fear will be giant asteroids hurtling towards you and at god knows what speed. We’ll have laser blasters to destroy them, right?

Singulophobia | The Fear of the Singularity – People want to live forever, but is combining yourself with robotic capabilities actually living? Will I be the same person I am right now? Well, will I?

Forcephobia | The Fear of Force Fields – It’s going to be a new technology in the 22nd century, and I’m sure many are scared of the possible cancerous side effects these insane shields will emit. Will it be like a microwave……times one thousand?

Uplophobia | The Fear of Mind Uploading – Has anyone seen the movie Strange Days, where you can relive other people’s memories? This is kind of like that, but being able to download a whole mind and then uploading it like a hard drive into your own system. So much can go wrong. Can a human be turned off, then turned back on and work?

Floatophobia | The Fear of Floating Cities – For those that don’t like the water. With our global warming and rising tides, this may be your worst nightmare. Cities that actually float around the world. I hope you packed your sea sickness tablets.

Sentiophobia | The Fear of Sentient Machines – Machines that have a soul? Machines that can think for themselves? Has anyone seen The Terminator? Be very afraid.

Bicentophobia | The Fear of Bicentarians – If you were scared of what a 100 year old person looked like, then maybe feasting your eyes upon a Bicentarian may be like having acid poured into your eyes.

Fossophobia | The Fear of Fossil Fuels – Renewable energies will be everywhere, and the thought or speak of fossil fuels makes everyone shudder. Like when non-muggles hear the name of Voldemort. 

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