Top 10 Weirdest Phobias

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Top 10 Weirdest Phobias

Every website and their mother has a Top 10 list of weirdest phobias, so why is ours different? Hmmmmmm, let’s see. Oh! We actually put some thought into it and gave you our reasons as to why we think these are the weirdest to us. I know what you’re thinking, ‘a top ten list that had thought put into it? NO WAY!’…….Ummmmmmm, YES WAY! And here we go in no particular order.

Zemmiphobia | Fear of the Great Mole Rat – Seriously, what the hell?! We had to look this thing up and it turns out that it’s an underground rat with no hair. I can guarantee you that I don’t know a soul that knows what this thing is and I can also guarantee you that none of their friends have any idea that this thing existed too. Yeah, so it’s weird that it’s on the list of phobias at all. SIDENOTE: I do know a guy that owes me a lot of money, has a penchant for the nudist lifestyle and is a pretty big homebody. However, I do not call him a Great Mole Rat. I just call him Dave and he’s my best friend.

Apeirophobia | Fear of Infinity – A number that is impossible to get to? And you’re scared of it? What’s to fear then? Never getting there? This one is so confusing that it’s weird. I just don’t get it and I pretty much understand everything. I’ve worked for NASA by the way. 

Levophobia | Fear of Things to the Left Side of the Body – This one’s weird because there’s no fear to the right side of the body in the official fears. If you have one, you must have the other. It’s just plain common sense. 

Ideophobia | Fear of Ideas – If everything that pops up in your head is a thought and a synonym for thought is idea, then everything you think is an idea. Thus, you’re afraid of thinking and you should just be in a vegetative state or a coma. Is this where the phrase “All this thinking makes my brain hurt’ comes from? Seems weird that this exists at all.

Octophobia | Fear of the Figure Eight 8 – The eight is the most beautiful number out there, yet so many fear it unreasonably. Why? Honestly, tell me why? Is it because it looks like a snowman? Nope. The number eight is a holy number in many cultures, which carries a great deal of power. However, to the growing number of atheists out there, it’s just plain weird. 

Verbophobia | Fear of Words – The only way I can see this not being weird is if you had words that you associate from terrible events in your past. So it can be horribly triggering for some, but for most, it seems quite strange. So it’s not really that weird. Maybe we should have thought this one through more. This is now hitting too close to home.

Bolshephobia | Fear of Bolsheviks – Do Bolsheviks even exist anymore? How did this become an official fear? Weird. Maybe someone should make a horror film with Bolsheviks as the bad guys so we can bring this fear back with a vengeance. 

Neopharmaphobia | Fear of New Drugs – Why? Because they might be good? I kid. Drugs are bad. How do I know? I’ve tried them all. I think this should be renamed Fear Of New Drugs That Are Forced On You Without Your Consent. Doesn’t that make more sense?

Orthophobia | Fear of Property – This comes from the old ‘you don’t own your things, your things own you’ philosophy, and we get it completely. However, I don’t see this as being irrational at all. I’ve owned a home and I’m much happier not owning one. Sometimes, less is more. It’s weird that it’s a phobia at all.

Ouranophobia or Uranophobia | Fear of Heaven – Unless you’re a satanist or some kind of magical human being, I can’t see why you fear heaven. It’s the best place ever. That’s like not wanting every day to be the best day ever. So if you do fear heaven, then I think you must be depressed. I’ve been there……Not a great place to be. Feels like you’re stuck in a well with no way to get out………Hugs. Big ones.


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