Top 20 Self Deprecating Jokes

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I, Judge Mental Jones, have been asked by this website to create a list of Top 20 Self Deprecating Jokes because I’m just a sour person who speaks the truth. Yes, I am my own harshest critic, but it’s not like I want to be?

Self-deprecating jokes seem to be the most popular type of humor on Instagram and Twitter these days. If you’re not on any of these social media apps, then you’ll have to take my word as the gospel. It’s gotten so ridiculous, that in my opinion, the self-deprecating joke to me is dead. And it’s one of the reasons you won’t see me posting a list of my Top 20 here. I think it’s about time society learned to tell another type of joke because the SD has become way too easy/passe, and in my opinion, are for the talentless. Yes, even an unfunny person can make a good self-deprecating meme because there’s no originality involved.

Another reason why self-deprecating humor doesn’t do it for me anymore? It’s due to the prevalence of people hiding behind their computers and phones, isolated, and we can’t see if the person is hurting for real. Is this person only interacting through these devices and not interacting with society? And if so, if you keep making self-deprecating jokes, at what point do you start to believe all of the negative things you’re saying about yourself?

Obviously, there is some sort of truth to what you’re writing or creating, and maybe it’s in the back of your mind, but you let it stay there. However, with everyone sharing and wanting their 15 minutes of fame every day or even every 15 minutes, they’ll say, text, or make anything to get likes, retweets, and comments at their own expense. And in this case, you’re selling your self-esteem for NOTHING!!!! Is that worth it? I bet it’s not as you cry yourself to sleep every night at the very thought of the insecurities that you helped create.

My suggestion is that if you think you’re funny, go learn the craft of stand-up or sketch comedy. Be original. Self-deprecating jokes are cheap, and you should strive for more expensive taste. And that’s why I refuse to list the Top 20 Self Deprecating Jokes, and the owners of this website can go to hell if they don’t like it either.

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