Top 5 Reasons Straight People Should Go To Pride

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I’ve been going to Pride for 15 years. It’s such a phenomenal and unforgettable experience. Every year, I pick up new fashion tips, friends, and terminology. Not to mention epic Insta photos! I love to dress up. I get to pick my labels or if we’re going label-less. It’s such a respectful and free environment. It’s a loving community, and it’s freeing to be able to embrace your most authentic self in public. Pride has come a long way, as straight people now come to support the gay community. And if you’re heterosexual and haven’t made it out to pride yet, just take the plunge. You might learn something new. Here the Top 5 reasons straight people should go to pride:

It’s Really Fun.

Enjoy the free shows, the vibrant community, and the entertainment. It’s truly an amazing and unforgettable experience. Just bring protection! (LOL Don’t worry straight person- I mean sunscreen.)

Support Your Friends, Family, Or Co-workers

The title says it all. This event is about community and communities support each other. Plain and simple.

Gain Perspective.

Get educated and educate others. Experience the “Love is Love” campaign first hand and see all the beautiful forms of love there is. I remember my sister asking me what a “fetish” was, one year after being handed a sticker with the word on it. After a long pause (she was 18) I said: “like enjoying feet.” And she still recounts that story to this day because it was the moment she realized how limited our small-town High School sex education was. It lacked a lot of the modern vernacular, and at Pride, she was exposed to it. From then on, it allowed for us discuss it openly and normalize those topics. My heart grew three sizes.

Get A Better Idea Of The Political Landscape

You might be surprised by how many businesses, churches, faith groups, and government agencies show up to support/educate within the community.

Meet New People

SO MANY COOL PEOPLE. Gorgeous, dancing, different, fashionable, every gender and preference and person- so. much. love.


Here are some Pro Tips for you straight folks out there. Let’s be our best selves at Pride.

Be mindful of slurs (“That’s gay” “No homo” “fag”).

Don’t gawk.

Don’t speculate on genders.

Don’t panic if someone hits on you.

Keep your hands to yourself.

Consent is everything for touching and photos.

Don’t think of it as a breeding ground for “unicorn hunting” aka recruiting for your couples threesome or asking if you can watch lesbians have sex. They’re not there for that. It’s just plain creepy – don’t do it.

Be respectful of boundaries- ex. If an event is “Trans” only, and you’re Cis-Gendered- that event is not for you.

Overall, just be respectful, and you will be respected!

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