Top 5 Tips For Battling A Bipolar Manic Episode

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I’ve now had an extensive history when it comes to battling my bipolar manic episodes, and with this experience, I eventually created a little guide on how to give myself some checks and balances. Thanks to this system, I’m able to curb some of my, so I have less of an aftermath to deal with when the manic episode eventually subsides. Here are my Top 5 Tips For Battling A Bipolar Manic Episode.

24 Cooling Period For Negative Interactions With Other People

Give all adverse situations with other people a 24 hour cooling period. Write your points out to get your thoughts on paper. However, do not send them until you’ve had that 24 hours to determine that the mania is in charge. I had three arguments (ex, roommate and best friend) in my last episode and just by asking for a timeout and not responding right away, 2/3 are now resolved. 

Create A Social Media Non-Manic Checklist

Create a checklist about what topics and picture types you generally post about on social media. When I manic, I tend to go on rants or post revealing photos of myself. Anything that doesn’t meet your usual non-manic checklist goes on a 48-hour consideration list which usually never makes the cut in the end.

Stick With Your Close Crew Of Friends And Family 

Don’t try to reconnect with anyone that isn’t normally in your life. This type of behavior is impulsive, and you probably don’t have them in your life for a reason.

Get Some Budgeting Help

Try to manage impulsive spending by pre-determining a budget. Reach out to a friend to help as a budget consultant. Hopefully, they can help you determine what needs to be bought in this manic period so you can stop yourself from making purchases you can’t afford and be held accountable.

Create An Action Plan For Your Extra Energy

Once you recognize your bipolar mania symptoms, create an action plan to help manage your extra energy. For me, I will drink Relax Max Magnesium, meditate, and if my energy is off the charts, I’ll even take an Ativan. Please note, my Ativan is prescribed by my doctor, and I take it responsibly. Also, don’t be afraid to take a sick day if you need to as well.

If you or a loved one you know battles with Bipolar Disorder or any Mental Health Issues, please do get the help you need. If you need to talk to someone now, you can talk to one of the many fantastic therapists at Better Help by CLICKING HERE.

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