Top 6 Surprising Signs That You Have Low Self Esteem

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It’s quite normal to be down on yourself every once in awhile. However, having low self-esteem can overtake your whole entire life. Having low self-worth is about not being comfortable in your own skin, or trusting your ideas, feelings, and decisions. It gets in the way of you having a more fulfilling life because deep down you don’t think that you deserve one. Sometimes you might have low self-esteem, and because the symptoms are so subtle, you don’t realize that anything is wrong. So we’ve compiled a list of our Top 6 surprising signs that you have low self-esteem in the hopes that you become more aware of your internal struggle and jumpstart yourself into doing something about it.

You Don’t Think You Deserve Much

If you have a high sense of self-esteem, it isn’t likely that you’ll let anyone push you around or talk down to you. However, for those on the opposite end of the spectrum, this is a huge problem. Since you secretly question whether you deserve the treatment you’re getting, or the adverse outcomes, you stick around in situations that perpetuate how you feel about yourself.

You Allow Others To Treat You Poorly

If you don’t respect yourself, it gives others the sense that they don’t have to respect you either. That doesn’t just mean that you allow others to talk down to you. Another sign of letting people treat you poorly is by allowing their needs come first.

You Always Want To Please Other People

Being a people pleaser is admirable, but its also putting other peoples needs before your own. This may seem fine and dandy for awhile, but eventually, your needs will completely disappear. All of a sudden your goals and dream will seem like they’re too far away to reach.

You Stop Taking Care Of Yourself

Having a self-care regimen is essential, and if you battle low self-esteem, it may become non-existent. You may start with not getting exercise, or eating poorly, and it may snowball into the invalidation of your feelings and possible addiction issues.

You Measure Yourself By Outside Influences

Measuring your self-worth through your achievements, or job, or how much money you make, might make you feel good, but it’s like building your house on a faulty foundation. You need to learn how to be happy with yourself as if those things didn’t exist, so even if those achievements are taken away, you’ll be able to bounce back with confidence.

You Are Lethargic

You may have once been early for all your appointments, work, or school, but now you’ve noticed that you don’t mind being a little late. Due to low self-esteem, you’re just becoming a little slower, taking longer to leave your bed or get out of your home. A fifteen-minute difference in arrival might not seem like a lot, but it definitely says where you’re heading.

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