Top Five Things That Destroy Your Body Image And Self Esteem

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Our self-esteem and body image fluctuates on day to day basis or sometimes second by second for those that are really struggling out there. Your mind can play the worst of tricks on you even in the best of times, but it can also be triggered by some things you know that you should avoid. Here are the top 5 things that destroy your body image and self-esteem

Social Media

It’s useful to keep in contact with people, but it could also be secretly hurting you. Researchers found that people with lower self-esteem and body image tend to pay too much attention to what others are posting. If you find yourself falling victim to comparison, then you should probably take a break from Facebook and Instagram. You are viewing everyone’s highlight reels, and everything is not always as it appears to be online.

Self Talk

Your internal dialogue can be destructive or constructive based on your beliefs and biases. It controls how you interpret and process your daily experience. Your thoughts can help you garner a can-do optimist attitude to take on life on life’s terms. Focusing on positive self-talk like “I can do this” or “I don’t know how, but I can learn” can dramatically alter the trajectory of the challenges you will face in life.


For those battling body image issues, it’s hard to resist a mirror. It’s like the prime time for being an asshole to yourself. Just get rid of every mirror you can find, besides the ones you need in your bathroom. Those can stay but be quick with your shaving or beauty regimen.

Sources of Influence

If you watch Beauty Pageants or shows like The Kardashians, versus watching Ted Talks and reading, your self-worth may be impacted negatively. You’re exposing yourself to a narrative that possibly makes you feel envy, or it may give you the view that you’re not enough. Reality TV is not reality nor your friend.

Negative Relationships

Maintaining relationships that don’t serve you or uplift you are incredibly toxic. People will cite lack of options or longevity of relationships/friendships as an excuse, but this can eat away at the foundation of your self-esteem. Negative relationship indicators include: criticism and ridicule, lack of communication, loss of emotional intimacy, inability to forgive, codependent behavior, substance abuse, passive aggressive behaviors, gaslighting, etc. Avoid these people like the plague and rid them from your life if need be.

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