Top Ten Celebrities With Bipolar Disorder

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I have Bipolar disorder. I was searching Ted Talks for presentations on mental illness when I stumbled on a talk by my favorite business guru Tim Ferriss. It was called ‘ Why you should define your fears instead of your goals.‘ I’ve been absorbing his materials since 2007, and it was during this video, in which I found out he Tim Ferriss had Bipolar, just like me. My hero. My digital mentor. It floored me that I had never come across this before, and It inspired me to dig around and see what other celebrities also have Bipolar Disorder.

1) Demi Lovato, Actress: She was diagnosed at 18 and has been active in an initiative called ‘Be Vocal, ‘ and she wants to raise awareness to end stigma and encourage kids to get diagnosed and not to be self-medicated. She says, “like diabetes, you have to find the right treatment.”

2) Carrie Fisher, Actress: Diagnosed with Bipolar at age 29. She’s quoted by the Huffington Post as saying, “At times, being Bipolar can be an all-consuming challenge, requiring a lot of stamina and even more courage, so if you’re living with this illness and functioning at all, it’s something to be proud of, not ashamed of.” I couldn’t agree more.

3) Catherine Zeta Jones, Actress: Catherine Zeta-Jones has Bipolar II disorder. She says that her depression episodes are often triggered by stress (like mine!). Thankfully, Zeta-Jones has been public about being Bipolar. And she hopes to inspire people to seek treatment.

4) Tim Ferriss, Bestselling Author & Investor: My hero! In his recent Ted Talk on living with Bipolar Disorder, he outlines how he leverages Stoic Philosophy as a coping mechanism for his mood swings.

5) Russell Brand, Actor & Comedian: He often references being Bipolar in his performances and writing, and he is also diagnosed with ADHD. Mental illness can really draw out the humor in you, and it’s an excellent way to cope with some of the situations it can create, and even help with how you handle the symptoms. It now makes sense that he’s so successful as a wild comedian.

6) Halsey, Singer: She told Elle Magazine “I have bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed when I was 16 or 17. My mom has it, too.” My favorite quote in all of this research came from her. She says, “The thing about having bipolar disorder, for me, is that I’m really empathetic. I feel everything around me so much. I feel when I walk past a homeless person, and I feel when my friend breaks up with someone, or I feel when my mom and my dad get into a fight and my mom’s fuckin’ crying over dishes in the sink.” As someone with Bipolar, this really (really) resonates with me.

7) Sinead O’Connor, Singer: In 2007, she told Oprah Winfrey that she had struggled with thoughts of suicide and overwhelming fear. She said that medication helped but “it’s a work in progress.” She insists “It’s stigma what’s killing people, it’s not the mental f**king illnesses.”

8) Jean Claude Van Damme, Actor, Director: He told The Guardian that he is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder – but he is far from incapacitated from his diagnosis. Did you see the Volvo Trucks commercial!?

9) Pete Wentz, Singer: In an interview with Q magazine, he revealed that he was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and previously had been taking lorazepam since he was 18 years old.

10) Scott Stapp, Creed: He told Rolling Stone back in 2015 “I had a psychotic break that was brought on by alcohol and drug abuse.” He has since been diagnosed and treated for Bipolar and substance abuse and from what I’ve read, doing much better these days.

This became a really beautiful and inspiring body of research for me. I loved just being able to see what these celebrities have managed to accomplish while struggling with mental illness. It gave me hope. (Especially Tim Ferriss!)

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