Top Ten Celebrities I Want To Beat Up During My Current Bipolar Manic Episode

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Hey, all you other Bipolar Disorder Warriors out there! I’m currently battling a manic episode and thought that it was best to get my anger out on paper, than on other people in real life. So here I am writing about the Top Ten Celebrities I Want To Beat Up During My Current Bipolar Manic Episode. It’s just a much healthier way to get the fight out of me, and I hope it makes you laugh at the same time as it did wonders for me while writing it.

Anderson Cooper

I just hate his smug face. There, I said it! I just want to punch it repeatedly and then punch it again. He thinks he’s so squeaky clean and I just can’t stand it.

Kanye West

I want to rip his head off his body. His new album “ I hate being Bipolar, It’s awesome!” With hit singles such as “I thought about killing you” lovingly dedicated to his wife is a TERRIBLE branding/representation of Bipolar. This fucking loserrrrr. He’s been leveraging Bipolar to excuse outrageous stunts and his shitty abusive personality, and it’s infuriating. You are not the brand of Bipolar we want people to identify with! Not all of us with Bipolar are screaming that “slavery was a choice” you piece of shit disgusting excuse for a human. Fuck you.

Donald Trump

We gave a 6’3’ toddler access to nukes. It’s like the logic train missed him and he now (somehow) represents all of America’s mentality. I just want to reach through my television screen and choke him out like it was the UFC. I hate pathological liars, as it’s a big trigger for me, and Trump just sends me into a constant rage.


I’d like to take her hands and make her start slapping herself like you’d do to a sibling growing up. “Ambien made her racist” HA! No, bitch. Ambien makes me sleep or calm down at work. It doesn’t HIJACK MY BRAIN, OPEN MY TWITTER AND BEGIN RACIST RANTS that lose HUNDREDS of people their jobs. Take some responsibility, ya fucking arsehole!

The Kardashians

I don’t care that Kim just helped some person get pardoned by the President. She and her whole family are just the worst. They can’t stop shilling themselves for more money and fame. It’s just in their DNA, and it’s revolting. If I could get away with it, I’d buy a Bazooka and blow up their house while they were all inside celebrating Christmas.

Lena Dunham

Just shut the fuck up already. Shut. Up. You don’t know anything. Stick to making your show about Girls. Do you even do that anymore? If you put your foot in your mouth one more time, I’m going to dunk your head in a toilet bowl full of piss.

Wendy Williams

Queen of the unsubstantiated rumor mill. You have nothing but “the tea” going for you with your oversized head on the mini body you got after getting weight reduction surgery because you got TOO MUCH CRITICISM. Then you began a platform of criticism! You narcissistic hypocrite!! Wouldn’t it would be kinda cool if her head just exploded?

Justin Bieber

I always think he’s a hot lesbian and that gets me mad because that’s my tribe and he’s just infiltrating it with his haircut and high voice. PICK A LANE BEIBER!!! I don’t think it would take much to beat him up, so I’ll just make him cry by making fun of his lame tattoos. Nice tattoos, loser!!


You are a celebrity, not a basketball player. You’re a fan, not the team owner. Stop walking around like you own the city of Toronto. Who died and made you King???? You act so tough on your songs, but in my mind, you’re just one of those drama kids from high school that everyone thought was annoying. You write songs for a living, so get a grip on reality mother fucker. If you need to be grounded, I’ll knock you down for as long as long as it takes.

Taylor Swift

I hate how she disses her exes in her songs. Infuriates me! Stop weeping into your guitar babe- there’s no way THAT many exes are wrong- IT’S YOU, HUN. Now hand over your guitar so I can smash you over the head with it.

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