Top Ten Inspirations for Taming Your Chaos

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 Our new Community Collaboration project Creators of Chaos Unite has meant me writing a lot about clutter and my relationship to it.. Especially if you read my Confessions of Chaos, you might find this next bit hard to believe, but I have a contradiction. Possibly my biggest duplicity in life- on the one hand, I am a phenomenal generator of chaos, and on the other, I am arguably mildly obsessed with systems of organization. It’s true, and it is quite the riff to span. I think and learn quite a bit about how to rectify this aspect of my life (like hunting for the keys for 10 minutes instead of being on time). I like to dream and make plans to become an “everything has a place person,” but I am still finding my way. So Dear Reader I am going to pass on this wealth of wisdoms I have collected on my quest to tame my mess. Good Luck:)

And if you are a prone to clutter we have a contest just for you!

1. From Clutter to Clarity | Kerry Thomas | TEDxAshburn

Kerry knows the surface of clutter so well, that she now has an X-ray vision that lets her see even deeper into the matter. Did you know you might have not just physical clutter, but digital, and probably emotional and spiritual clutter too!! She defines clutter as “anything that stops you from leading the life you want to lead”. This very uplifting truth talk is a great place to start to feel the tingles of inspiration.

2. Andrew Mellen on Unstuff Your Life: Kick the Clutter Habit and Transform Your Life

He has a real straight forward, no nonsense approach to dealing the matter of clutter, while he acknowledges the emotional/psychological aspects he doesn’t indulge them. There is no judgment in his lessons, just wanting people to get clear on their goals and make change from there. It is really worthwhile to wait till the Q and A portion of the video to see him in action. I will for sure be checking out more from this man!

3. How Clutter Affects your Mind (and What To Do About It)

This wonderfully named blog- Clutter Healing, is very beautiful to look at and very inspiring for the clutter suffering! With a tag like “Heal your clutter and change your life” aren’t you already feeling like it might help! I really recommend this article, How Clutter Affects your Mind as a starting point, from there lots of other great stuff to dig into (to help you dig into your stuff;).

4. Is your stuff stopping you? | Elizabeth Dulemba | TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh

Do you have a dusty old  list of goals that have gone a long, long time without any being checked off? I think most of us can relate. This is one woman’s story about how owning less helped her to be more of who and what she wanted to be. It’s very relatable,” The stuff that we keep in our lives affects how we live our lives” is one of her quotes. She also shared this one from Henry David Thoreau “the price of anything is the amount of life we exchange for it.” I know I will be meditating on for a while (probably while cleaning out my closet, yikes).

5. Feng Shui To Overcome Overwhelm!

I am a big fan of Dana Claudet and her super genuine, smiley, fun ways to use Feng Shui to lighten up and feel better about life. She also has a great way of making this ancient art form accessible and adaptable to her modern audience. I have been a long time reader and appreciator of this lovely lady and playing with Feng Shui has been a great tool for me in the realm of getting tidy. If you sign up for her mailing list, she will send you her Life Detox Jump Start course as a free introduction. Look at the title, this is video needed to be on my list.

6. Get rid of the unnecessary to get down to basics | Colin Wright | TEDxINSA

Colin leads an amazing life experiment. He starts the talk with a story I know all too well (the really nice ‘thing’ that you never ever use because as nice as it is it isn’t quite right- what do you think your count might be?).  This talk is a great look at intentionality and how we can use it to shape our lives. He starts with the very tangible subject of objects and then expands from there.  Get rid off the superfluous to focus on your true needs and become more free.

 7. The 100 things challenge | Dave Bruno | TEDxClaremontColleges

It’s the little things that make the big difference, both in the gradual gathering and letting go of belongings. Its power is in its simplicity so, enough said.

 8. Clutter is Postponed Decisions

Yes, I want to listen to the lady that coined “Clutter is Postponed Decisions”! Omg, reading that was more of a lightning flash then a bulb, ” Barbra Hemphill is a genius. While this resource is more focused on “office life” many of us have various mergers of the two going on and so the 7 questions she asks can bring a lot of clarity to your papers and what to do with them. This talk demonstrates her solid, simple reasoning behind not dreading to clean up your desk.

9. The Art of Letting Go | The Minimalists | TEDxFargo

This is an honest story of one man’s realization of the impact and cross-section of death and accumulations. He lost his mother and when confronted with dealing with all of her possessions he seriously reconsidered our collective culture around clutter- think storage lockers! Check out The Minimalists if you want to be further inspired to own less so you can live with more meaning.

10. Simple Inspirations for Minimalism and Decluttering

I am a big fan of Break the Twitch; he makes short, simple videos to help you along your journey of stuff. This is part advice, part pep talk, and I think worthwhile enough to be my final video on the list.


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