Top Ten Phobias of Daenerys Targaryen

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Oh, Dany girl, the Seven Kingdoms are calling, and it’s time for you to rip through Westeros, kick Cersei off the Iron Throne, and unleash the fury of a thousand dragons on the Lannisters. (Not that I’m biased or anything.) The Dragon Queen’s time has finally come. She ate a goddamn raw horse heart at the age of sixteen, so you know she’s going to stand up and face her fears head on. Here are the Top Ten Phobias of Daenerys Targaryen.

Chrometophobia | Fear of MoneyAfter being on the run for most of their lives, Dany and Viserys were poor as fuck, at least for royalty. It’s one of the reasons he sold her off to Khal Drogo. She gains some fame as Khaleesi, but after he dies, she’s left starting from square one. Thankfully, her fear of money makes it so she schemes and gets the upper hand, and is always able to procure what she needs to take over Westeros…..I can’t believe I spelled all those names correctly.

Antlophobia | Fear of FloodsFloods are one of the only events that can stop her rampaging dragons. Not much burninating going on during hurricane season, I assume…..Is burninating even a word?

Counterphobia | Preference for FearAs I’ve said before, Dany is easily the biggest badass in the Game of Thrones franchise. She purposely seeks out situations that would make most of us shit our pants – all in the name of taking back the throne. Safe to say her counterphobias outnumber her actual phobias…….I do the same but I call it being born into a dysfunctional family.

Arrhenophobia | Fear of MenAt the beginning of Game of Thrones, men controlled every aspect of Dany’s life. Her brother sold her off to Khal Drogo, and she was supposed to be leverage for him eventually taking the throne back from the Baratheon line…..My brother tried to do this to me but I refused to leave my room, so Dave from down the street beat the shit out of him.

Dysmarphobia | Fear of DeformityI feel like every time I write a Game of Thrones-related phobia list, I always end up including one about incest. Seriously, George R.R. Martin, what is your hang-up? Do you have a weird obsession with the Habsburgs or something? With all the inbreeding that’s gone on in the Targaryen line, Dany is damn lucky she’s gorgeous and doesn’t have four eyes or something. Still, you can’t outrun congenital birth defects forever. For fuck’s sake, stop having sex with your nephew…….I like to think that my brother is somehow the result of such inbreeding, but in reality, he’s just a moron.

Gamophobia | Fear of MarriageDany was terrified to marry Khal Drogo – and who can blame her? Sixteen years old, forced into a marriage with some super buff dude from a completely different culture. He proves to be not the WORST person in the world, but since their marriage is short-lived, her fear of marriage comes back after he dies, especially since his death is partially her fault. After this, Dany doesn’t seem interested in marriage at all. She’s got a one track mind: “The Iron Throne is mine. Move over, bitch.”…….I’d have no problem being married to Khal Drogo. Yeah, he’s super hot and I’m that shallow. 

Kakorrhaphobia | Fear of DefeatDany just doesn’t know when to quit. And while she does have quite a lot of setbacks, a true defeat when she’s going for the Iron Throne would probably be her undoing……Since I only know defeat and keep coming back from it, I either, don’t have this fear, or I’m just really stupid.

Lokiophobia | Fear of ChildbirthDany has a traumatic experience with childbirth, and loses the baby due to a dark spell going awry. Pretty sure she’s not interested in getting pregnant again anytime soon…….For me, that dark spell is called the day after pill.

Aurophobia | Fear of GoldI mean, yeah, she HATED her brother, but it still has to be awful to watch your only known relative be drowned and burned with molten gold……On the other hand, it was kinda cool.

Opthalmiphobia | Fear of Being WatchedAs rightful heir to the Iron Throne, Dany has had people searching her out and trying to kill her since she was a child. She knows better than to trust anyone, and is constantly looking over her shoulder…….Like Dany, we both now have PTSD. We’re like twins. 

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