Top Ten Phobias of Daredevil

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Daredevil is one of the most interesting superheroes because he’s so damn human. He’s not an alien. He doesn’t have crazy abilities that let him fly or turn invisible or travel at the speed of light. He’s a regular lawyer-type guy who had radioactive chemicals spilled on his face when he was a kid, went blind, gained heightened senses from it, and was trained by a badass old dude to fight. Okay… so he’s not exactly normal, but he has to overcome a lot of obstacles that other superheroes don’t. And because of that, he’s got his own unique set of fears he has to navigate.

Chemophobia| Fear of Chemicals – It’s a common origin story. Boy gets in car accident. Hazardous waste spill on boy’s face. Boy gets superpowers. Sure, the superpowers are the upside, but we have to imagine that poor Murdoch is a little wary around cleaning products nowadays…..I only had the traumatic childhood and never got the super power upside. Fuck my life.

Amaxophobia | Fear of Riding in a Car – Murdoch is afraid of cars for the same reason he’s afraid of chemicals. He’s got a seriously traumatic memory associated with them…..My traumatic car memory is when my parents dropped me off at the beach and hoped I’d never find my way home. 

Liticaphobia | Fear of Lawsuits – Lawyer by day. Vigilante by night. How long ‘til that catches up with you, Matty? You must be sweating in your spandex suit….. Just a tip. If they can’t find you, you can’t get served with papers. Always worked for me.

Chirophobia | Fear of Hands – Well, the Hand, if you want to be specific…. This just freaks me out.

Necrophobia | Fear of Dead Things – Even after he sees the Hand resurrect dead people, Murdoch is still unwilling to accept that there’s some freaky shit going on around them. Must be some kind of trick, right? Maybe he’s so afraid of zombies he can’t see what’s right in front of his face…… I’m still freaked out by the Hand thing.

Gerontophobia | Fear of Old People – Stick might be in his seventies, but man, can Grandpa fight. He doesn’t exactly use the most kosher methods when it comes to training a young Matt, and we have to wonder how traumatized he was after the experience…..The only thing my grandpa taught me was how to steal and not get caught. I was only good at the first part unfortunately.

Peladophobia | Fear of Bald People – What makes a good comic villain? A shiny cue ball head, of course! And Fisk has one to boot….. As a woman, going bald is my biggest fear.

Russophobia | Fear of Russians – I know; I know. Another Russophobia entry? I swear I have nothing against Russians! It’s not my fault that every fiction writer on the face of the planet gives them a bad rap by making them villains. And who does Daredevil have to contend with? The Russian mob. Sigh. Writers, you’re making me look bad. Don’t blame me; blame the Cold War.

Japanophobia | Fear of Japan, Japanese People, or Culture – Not only does Matt have to deal with the Russian mob, but the freaking Hand (pretending to be the Yakuza) are after him, too. The damn Hand. 

Politicophobia | Fear of Politicians – While Fisk doesn’t quite run New York, he’s got some pretty powerful people under his thumb. Senators, police officers, city officials… If Fisk wants something done, all he has to do is ask……Sounds like my last Boyfriend.

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