Top Ten Phobias of Daryl Dixon

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Daryl Dixon is easily the most loved character on The Walking Dead, and one of the only original cast members left standing. It’s no wonder. He’s tough as hell, knows how to make it on his own, and refuses to take shit from anyone. We hope it’s safe to say he’s not going anywhere soon… And even if he does, his most devoted fans have promised to riot. So what makes Daryl such a badass zombie killer? He knows who he is, and understands his fears, and he never lets them get in the way. Here are his Top Ten Phobias.

Necrophobia | Fear of Death or Dead Things – Wait – Daryl’s afraid of zombies when over ninety-nine percent of the population has been killed or turned into them? No. Fucking. Way. Zombies have a higher IQ than all of my Ex’s combined.

Ambulophobia | Fear of Walking – Fear of the walking… Dead! Sorry for the dead joke. Moving on. I’m so lame today. Seriously, my sincere apologies. But I know this will continue.

Stasibasiphobia | Fear of Falling – A simple fall down a cliff when he was out looking for Carol’s daughter led to one of Daryl’s more painful zombocalypse experiences. My simple fall down a cliff was when my old roommate pushed me because we ran out of crack…..but I found my way home, and she found her way to jail.

Hoplophobia | Fear of Firearms – Sure, he uses them all the time, but he’s also stared down the barrel of a gun more times than he can probably count. He’s either numb to it, or he’s got a severe fear of firearms. I’ll stare down his barrel anytime 🙂

Kathisophobia | Fear of Sitting Down – Oh, you’re getting settled and used to a new normal, Daryl? Well too fucking bad. Your life sucks. This entire world fucking sucks. Don’t get too comfortable, Daryl. Don’t even sit down. Shit’s gonna hit the fan, and someone you care about is gonna die if you rest for even a second. My dad “says” he’s a Hell’s Angel, and this is how he lives, but we know they would never have him and he’s just an asshole with a motorbike.

Arsonphobia | Fear of Fire – When he was a kid, Daryl lost his mom in a house fire. That’s more than enough to give someone arsonphobia. The only time I was in a house fire was when that meth lab I was visiting blew up, but that story is for another day.

Hydrophobophobia | Fear of Rabies – Well, zombie rabies, at least. Zombies, Rabies, same thing. Is having Herpes more stigmatized than being a Zombie? How fucked is that?

Ochlophobia | Fear of Crowds – Maybe this is one of the reasons Daryl thrives in the zombocalypse. In the old days, he was a loner. A survivor who had to depend on himself. Maybe it’s his Ochlophobia that saves him? This would drive me crazy. I need my alone time, or I’ll just murder everyone. Not literally but just ask cousin Grace. She has some stories I tell ya.

Gerascophobia | Fear of Growing Old or Aging – Beth is right when she tells Daryl he’ll probably be the last one standing. Ain’t nothing stopping Daryl Dixon in his rampage against the walking dead… Except for age, maybe. What happens when his reflexes slow down? I don’t think I’ll be able to handle old age. Once I start pissing my pants, just shoot me.

Xyrophobia | Fear of Razors – Come on, Daryl (and Rick, and pretty much every other dude on this show). The womenfolk do their due diligence of shaving every inch of body hair. Why can’t you at least get rid of that scrappy beard? Good, ol’ fashioned Hollywood sexism? Nah… must be xyrophobia. Nope, fuck you sexist Hollywood assholes! I ain’t shaving my pubes for you!

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