Top Ten Phobias of Dr. Strange

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How could a man whose actual name is Stephen Strange believe that he could go through life as a neurosurgeon? Not that being a neurosurgeon is anything to scoff at, but a name like Dr. Strange suggests you have to at least try to be a mad scientist or something. Thankfully, after losing the full function of his hands, Dr. Strange embraced his destiny by doing one better: learning the mystical, magical art of astral projection. But along his journey from surgeon to mystical magic man, Strange has to contend with quite a few fears.

Amaxophobia | Fear of Riding in a Car

Writer 1: Okay, we need a unique origin story.

Writer 2: Hmm, radioactive material?

Writer 1: More unique.


Writer 2: Slow down, partner. Let’s not go crazy.

Writer 1: I know! Car crash! No one’s ever done that before!

Writer 2: Brilliant.

Chirophobia | Fear of Hands – That car accident he wasn’t so crazy about? Yeah, it made it so that Stephen, a gifted neurosurgeon, couldn’t use them properly anymore. I imagine every time he looks down at his hands, he thinks of what his life used to be…. Personally, I try to think of what my life used to be. That’s why I became I drug addict for so long.

Epistemophobia | Fear of Knowledge – Strange’s biggest flaw is that he thinks he knows it all, when really, there are dimensions upon dimensions that he knows jack about….. Reminds of the whole male species.

Iatrophobia | Fear of Doctors – Strange basically considers himself the World’s Best Doctor, and it wouldn’t surprise us if he had a coffee mug with that statement proudly displayed on his desk. When he wakes up and finds out he’ll probably never have full use of his hands again, he insists he could have done a better job on the surgery than his coworker, West. He even accuses him of ruining his career. Strange tries procedure after procedure to get his hands back to their pre-accident condition, but to no avail. We have to wonder if he shudders at the thought of another substandard doctor operating on him…..I don’t have a fear of doctors myself, but I do have a fear people who played doctors on TV.

Wiccaphobia | Fear of Witches and Witchcraft – When Strange first meets the Ancient One in Nepal, he dismisses her teachings as chicanery. Strange doesn’t believe in anything he can’t see with his own eyes, and the thought that anything outside the physical realm might exist scares the bejeezus out of him…… Typical male. I’m such a man hater today and I kinda like it.

Phasmophobia | Fear of Ghosts – When the Ancient One forces Strange’s spirit out of his body to prove that her methods are real, he freaks the fuck out. And who can blame him? Bound to a meat suit one second? All floaty and see-through the next? It’s enough to scare the pants off of anyone…..My ex-boyfriend tried to make me think ghosts were real once, but I knew those ghost hands were from a girl he finagled off of craigslist for a threesome. I’m not dumb.

Apeirophobia | Fear of Infinity – When Strange is recklessly playing around with the Eye of Agamotto, Wong and Karl Mordo walk in on him. They warn him that if he messes up, he could get caught in a time loop and never escape. Thankfully, he backs off, because who isn’t afraid of time loops? An eternity of Groundhog Days? That’s a no from me, especially if my family were to be involved. Oh, the trauma!

Chronophobia | Fear of Time – This goes hand-in-hand with Strange’s apeirophobia. Don’t mess with time, people. It rarely ends well…. Just ask my ex-boyfriend about the time he tried to secretly have a ghost threesome. His sperm count has never been the same since.

Cheimaphobia | Fear of Cold – Strange must have one hell of a fear of cold. When the Ancient One dumped him on Mount Everest and told him creating a portal was the only way he was going to be able to get away from it, he finally managed to do it. If nothing else, this phobia was a powerful motivator…. Another powerful motivator for me would have been leaving me on Mount Everest with my family.

Nyctophobia | Fear of Darkness – The Dark Dimension is full of all kinds of nasty shit you shouldn’t mess with. Strange doesn’t want to become a pawn to Dormammu for the rest of eternity. He knows better than to fuck with it…… My ex-boyfriend wishes he had this kind foresight because now he has no foreskin.

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