Top Ten Phobias of Fat Amy (Pitch Perfect)

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Fat Amy is the best part of Pitch Perfect, bar none. Without Rebel Wilson, there would be no Pitch Perfect II and III. She’s smart, sassy, and never afraid to pitch-slap people into next week. But even though she’s confident in who she is, she still has a few fears she tries to keep hidden from the world. She has her dark side……just like me.

Katagelophobia | Fear of Ridicule – Amy introduces herself to people as “Fat Amy” just so people don’t make fun of her weight behind her back. Seems like a classic case of Katagelophobia…… People made fun of me behind my back too…… then I stabbed them. Literally, I did actually stab them.

Tropophobia | Fear of Moving – Amy doesn’t do cardio. In fact, the only running she does is the horizontal kind……. I do a lot of running, from my family, my problems, and at one time from the police. Did I mention I’m a stabber?

Amaxophobia | Fear of Riding in a Car – Amy likes to take the wheel, even if it ends badly for her. On a road trip to the semi-finals, Amy forgets to refuel the Bellas’ bus (to be fair, she was pretty flustered after getting a burrito launched at her), and they end up stranded on the highway…. I could go into a riding in a car story that involved me and burrito, but it’s way too dark.

Vestiphobia | Fear of Clothing – Amy has a major wardrobe malfunction while performing for Barack Obama: the likes of which haven’t been seen since the 2004 Super Bowl. She is, understandably, humiliated, and must be terrified of something similar happening again…… I’ve been through it all, so nothing really embarrasses me anymore. 

Angrophobia | Fear of Anger or of Becoming Angry – When Amy gets mad, you know shit’s about to hit the fan…… My old friends/bitter enemies liked to call me Stabby McGee.

Claustrophobia | Fear of Being Enclosed in a Small Space or Room – Well, it’s more like her boobs have claustrophobia. According to Amy, boobs should never be trapped….. That was once like me and knives. But I swear, that’s all behind me now. 

Gamophobia | Fear of Relationships – Amy and Bumper have this will they/won’t they on again/off again thing that carries on through Pitch Perfect I and II. She likens kissing him to doing crystal meth, even though she’s obviously attracted to him. Geeze, Amy. Gamophobia much? I’m really feeling Fat Amy/Fat Patricia on this one.

Chaetophobia | Fear of Hair – Based on Amy’s claims that she’s the best Tasmanian beat-boxer who has a full head of hair, we’ve got to wonder if she’s not accustomed to seeing a lot of hair on her home island. She’s also really hung up on Chloe being a ginger….. I have no clue what I wrote here. Does this even make sense? 

Dentophobia | Fear of Dentists or Dental Care – She’s also the best Tasmanian singer with a full set of teeth, so we’re wondering… just how is the dental care in Tasmania? Would Amy be terrified to get a proper teeth cleaning? Wow, I’m reaching.

Nomatophobia | Fear of Names – The world was shocked when Amy revealed to the Bellas that her real name isn’t Amy at all, but Patricia. Fat Patricia….. So this begs the question, is Kristy Listy my real name? 

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