Top Ten Phobias of Jessica Jones

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Jessica Jones is the no-nonsense badass that every girl should strive to be. Well, maybe without the alcohol problem. And the abrasiveness that manages to push everything good out of her life. She sounds a lot like me….Okay, so maybe every girl shouldn’t strive to be Jessica Jones or me, but damn is she a good character. She’s a wonderfully sarcastic asshole who refuses to take shit from anyone and doesn’t apologize for it. At the same time, there’s something so vulnerable about her struggles and past trauma that blend together to create one awesome superhero. So let’s look at some of those traumas and get to the source of Jessica’s fears……We’re Twins!

Psychophobia | Fear of Mind or Mental Illness – Psychopath and Douchebag Extraordinaire Kilgrave ruins people’s lives by tapping into their psyches, forcing them to commit horrific crimes, and leaving them with no memory of what they’ve done. He’s done this to Jessica, who is seriously messed up because of it…… I don’t call that person in my life, Kilgrave. I call that person, Dad.

Pteromerhanophobia | Fear of Flying – Jessica used to be able to fly pretty well when she was actively working as a superhero, but she’s out of practice and pretty bad at it…… If anyone gets on her case about it, I’ll cut you.

Mnemophobia | Fear of Memories – When Kilgrave is trying to fuck with you, man, does he go for the hurt. And he gets no greater pleasure than inflicting that hurt on Jessica. After he wins a huge amount of money cheating at poker (no fair – some of us don’t have crazy brain-altering powers), Kilgrave buys Jessica’s childhood home…..For the record, I’d have no issue with my family home being bought and destroyed. Hopefully with my family in it.

Oikophobia | Fear of Houses – Not only does Kilgrave buy Jessica’s old childhood home, but tries to use it to win her love…..This Kilgrave would have no chance with me. 

Autophobia | Fear of Oneself – Jessica basically wrote the book on self-loathing. She doesn’t let herself get any joy out of life because she’s afraid she’ll just screw it up…..Did I mention we were twins?

Novercaphobia | Fear of your Step-Mother – After Jessica is in a massive car accident that kills her entire family, she’s adopted by Dorothy Walker, a woman whose unrelenting evilness could put Cinderella’s step-mother to shame….Unfortunately, my step mother was actually my real mother. 

Iatrophobia | Fear of Doctors – What if Jessica Jones is a Doctor Who fan? Imagine loving David Tennant’s portrayal of the Tenth Doctor, only to have his lookalike control your every move….. I had my friend help me write this one because Dr. Who kinda scares me.

Traumatophobia | Fear of InjuryJessica Jones has been hailed as a show with needed representation for sufferers of PTSD. Throughout Season 1, viewers see Jones experience flashbacks of her time with Kilgrave. Most notably, when she sees his face for the first time since she escaped his control, she’s instantly brought back to the time when he made her kill Reva Connors…..PTSD is an invisible injury and it’s real. Whoever says other wise, I will cut you.

Anthrophobia | Fear of People or Society – Jessica is the loneliest loner to ever lone. She constantly pushes people away, and is even a total asshole to the people she’s closest with. Deep down, she’s a good person, but her anthrophobia keeps her from developing many meaningful relationships…..And this sounds exactly what I wrote in my diary last night……Twins!

Athazagoraphobia | Fear of Forgetting or Being Forgotten – Jessica is always caught between flashbacks and the pain of the past. She has a fear of living, but she’s also hanging onto yesteryear as well. A major fear of forgetting going on right here….And if you wondered why this tenth phobia kinda sucked, it’s because I forgot to write one until the very last second.

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