Top Ten Phobias Of Katniss Everdeen

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Katniss Everdeen: Girl on Fire. She’s had it so rough that fire is probably the only thing she isn’t afraid of. Actually, no – scratch that. After everything she’s been through, she totally has pyrophobia. But you know what? She’s Katniss fucking Everdeen, and if anyone knows how to conquer their fears and get shit done, it’s her. But anyways, here are her Top 10 Phobias.

Ailurophobia | Fear of Cats What’s her deal with Buttercup? Why can’t Katniss just accept that cats are the most glorious and beautiful creatures to grace the face of the earth? Is she self-conscious because she has the word “cat” in her name? Is it because Gale calls her Catnip? The world may never know….. The closest thing to cats that I’ve been associated with is when someone calls me a pussy and their face lives to regret it.

Anthophobia | Fear of Flowers – White roses are the signature item of her arch-nemesis, President Snow, the despot of Panem who poisoned his allies to gain power. He surrounds himself with roses to mask the stench of his gross mouth sores and sends the flowers to Katniss to freak her out…..Mouth Sores! It’s called Oral Herpes and yes I get them, and I’m not ashamed. If you stigmatize me, I’ll beat you good.

Apiphobia  | Fear of Bees – Not just bees, but genetically-engineered wasps. Because that’s a good idea. The Capitol uses tracker jackers to control its citizens, and also makes sure there are plenty of nests around for the Hunger Games. Katniss ends up getting some pretty nasty stings from them, so we can’t blame her if she’s a little apiphobic from now on….. The only thing that has really stung me bad is my gambling problem…… And my drug addiction……… And……

Arsonphobia  | Fear of Fire – Sorry, Girl on Fire. We just have to include this one. At the end of Mockingjay, Katniss ends up barbecued to a crackly crunch in the explosion that kills her sister….. And this might be dark, but I love barbecue.

Botanophobia  | Fear of PlantsWhat if the Hunger Games had gone differently? What if President Snow hadn’t stopped Katniss and Peeta from eating nightlock? You could see the look of pure terror in her eyes as she was about to ingest those little berries of death…… The only Hunger Games I know of is currently being played as I lost my job and no one seems to think I’m an office-friendly kinda gal these days.

Chronomentrophobia  | Fear of Clocks – When Katniss et al. return for the Hunger Games 2.0, they discover that the arena actually functions like a giant clock, which seriously fucks with their ability to stay alive…… I don’t have a job right now, so time is irrelevant to me at the moment.

Hypnophobia  | Fear of Being Hypnotized – Katniss sees how much the Capital is able to mess with Peeta after they capture him. They brainwash him to the point that he thinks she’s responsible for his family’s death….. This one hits too close to home so I’ll move on….Thanks!

Kynophobia  | Fear of Dogs – The muttations in the movies are scary enough, but in the books, they’re actually spliced with the DNA of the Hunger Games competitors who have died. Imagine that: seeing a horrifying part-human, part-dog creature trying to dismember you. I’d have nightmares for the rest of my life…..I swear my Uncle Rick got his ideas from these books.

Lockiophobia  | Fear of Childbirth – Katniss is terrified of bringing children into her world, and who can blame her? She grew up poor and had to provide for her family at a young age. The Capital exploited her district her entire life, and forced the people she knew and loved to participate in the Hunger Games…… I’m not terrified to bring kids into this world at all. I just know that I’d be a terrible mother is all.

Soteriophobia  | Fear of Dependence on Others – Katniss has been taking care of her mom and sister ever since her father passed away. She’s completely self-sufficient, and she doesn’t need a man. Even when it would behoove her to accept help from others, she’s reluctant, insisting she can do everything herself. In the end, though, she learns to put her trust in other people and overcome this fear…… What a mistake! I don’t trust anyone anymore, and my life is way better for it.

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