Top Ten Phobias of Leatherface

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It’s been a few years since the last Texas Chainsaw Massacre release, and man, am I glad I have another one to look forward to this coming Halloween. There’s nothing I like more than scaring the shit out of myself and not sleeping for a week because I’m afraid a deranged man wearing a person’s face as a mask is going to murder me in the middle of the night. Thankfully, I’m one step ahead of Leatherface this time. I’ve already got his fears figured out. Take that, imaginary serial killer! Sidenote: This Top Ten Phobia List for Leatherface may be triggering for many, so maybe you shouldn’t read it if you’re not a horror fan. Since my life is a horror movie, this will be just like rehashing my life story.

Patriophobia | Fear of Neglecting ResponsibilityMurdering people and eating them is, believe it or not, a family business for Leatherface. In the original film, he actually saw it as his duty to carry on his family’s legacy….My family legacy is alcoholism, and I’m carrying that torch quite proudly.

Carnophobia | Fear of MeatAt the very least, Leatherface is afraid of the meat that people should be eating. Maybe that’s why they process human flesh into chili? Man, I get the feeling I’m going to have to go toss my cookies before I’m done with this list. Even my family isn’t this sick.

Automatonophobia | Fear of Anything that Represents a Sentient BeingIn The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II, Chop Top (great name; isn’t it?) takes his brother’s dead body and turns it into a puppet. It would be total nightmare fuel if the movie weren’t so over-the-top ridiculous. Still, in-universe, it’s gotta give even Leatherface pause.

Arsonophobia | Fear of FireWhen a group of angry townsfolk descends upon the Sawyer property for – you know – murdering innocents and selling their remains to people in the form of chili – they start a fire in protest, which subsequently kills some of the Sawyer clan. Understandably, this would probably make Leatherface a little leery of fires in the future…..I kinda feel like having some chili.

Ballistophobia | Fear of BulletsThe townspeople and the Sawyer clan also throw a lot of gunfire back and forth, giving Leatherface ballistophobia. The sane people gain the upper hand, but what if they didn’t? That would be an interesting plot point, too. Who would they sell their chili to0? They’d have so much supply, but no demand. Now that’s the TSM spoof I wanna see. 

Patroiophobia | Fear of HeredityHeather and Leatherface are related. (If she were to embrace her Sawyer lineage and go on a killing spree, would we call her Heatherface? I ask the important questions, people.) She’s also one of the only people who manage to outsmart him….I am also the smartest person in my family, but I don’t have a fear of my lineage as they’ve already ruined my life and there’s nothing left but shards of glass scattered amongst rat droppings and my tears.

Catoptrophobia | Fear of MirrorsIn the 2003 version of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Leatherface doesn’t just wear a horribly disfigured mask made from the skin of his victims; his actual face is pretty terrifying, too. He’s got all sorts of nasty, festering lesions and skin disorders that would make even the most experienced dermatologist give up. No doubt he’d be afraid of looking in a mirror…….Sounds like my acne issues when I was 16. TIP: I got Proactiv, and it worked!

Dikephobia | Fear of JusticeLeatherface and Co. infiltrate the town’s police force to help ensure that no one ever catches a whiff of their nasty habits. I guess if you’re murdering people and eating their flesh, it’s safe to say you have dikephobia……Who doesn’t hate cops? Am I right? Unless you need one, then that’s another story.

Dermatophobia | Fear of Skin LesionsMaybe his supremely disgusting face is the reason he covers up with… other people’s faces? Trying to get into the head of a serial killer is hard. I’ve got bad skin, too, man. But you know what? I don’t kill people. I buy more Proactiv and get on with my life. 

Gelotophobia | Fear of Being Laughed AtIn the prequel that’s due to be released soon, maybe they’ll show us that Leatherface is really just a misunderstood kid who wants to escape from under his repressive family’s thumb? Umm, sorry – no. Gotta say, my sympathy goes right out the window once you start, you know, murdering people. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but I fully expect heavy teenage angst in Leatherface. One can only hope. It would be really cool if he listened to The Smiths but you know they’ll make him a big Marylin Manson fan instead. 

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