Top Ten Phobias of Loki

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I love me a good antihero, and no one does it better than Loki. He’s basically a walking identity disorder-slash-Byronic hero whom you just can’t help but love and… kind of root for but also want to punch in the face? Living constantly in the shadow of your brother and later learning that you’re merely a small and very fortunate-looking Frost Giant is bound to give you some issues. No doubt Loki’s got a few phobias to contend with.

Megalophobia | Fear of Large ObjectsConsidering Loki is pretty much the smallest Frost Giant ever, it’s understandable that he has a bit of a Napoleon complex. Actually, it should probably be called a Loki Complex. He’s failed more spectacularly than Napoleon ever did….. I honestly don’t care how many times he’s failed though coz Loki is way dreamier than Thor to me.

Agrizoophobia | Fear of Wild AnimalsWhen Loki encounters a Jotunheim Beast after teaming up to defeat it with Thor, it gives them a run for their money before Thor manages to kill it… much to Loki’s chagrin. He was probably looking for the glory……Still doesn’t matter to me. Loki = The Dreamiest.

Kosmophobia | Fear of the CosmosWhat if Loki’s kosmophobia is the real reason he makes a deal with Thanos? Outer space can be scary….. Unless Outer Space was just me and Loki and a bear skin rug.

Athazagoraphobia | Fear of Being ForgottenIt’s hard enough growing up in your older brother’s shadow when you think you’re the legitimate son of Odin. Imagine finding out you’re actually just a Frost Giant somebody felt sorry for…… That Frost Giant can give me the chills any day he likes.

Brontophobia | Fear of Thunder and LightningAs much as Loki may want to prove that he’s the more worthy and powerful brother, he’s kind of got that whole “I’m the antagonist of the series” thing working against him. No matter what, he’s never really going to come out on top. Probably a good reason to fear the god of thunder, bro…….However, I don’t mind if Loki comes out on top of me…..yes, I just went there.

Necrophobia | Fear of Death or Dead ThingsIn the Comic Con teaser for Thor: Ragnarock, Loki is shown teaming up with Thor and Co. to defeat Hela, the Goddess of Death. Will this alliance stick? I mean, I’m sure Loki has other plans up his sleeve, but he seems to fear death enough to put his personal differences aside and work with Thor and Bruce… at least for a little while….. I hope those other plans involve me and no clothes. So dreamy.

Gephyrophobia| Fear of Bridges or Crossing BridgesA lot of bad stuff seems to happen to Loki on the Bifrost Bridge. He and Thor had a crazy battle on it, and although Loki almost got the upper hand, Thor, being the beefy protagonist that he is, managed to beat Loki. That’s a cringe-worthy defeat that Loki’s not going to forget any time soon….. I know I’m just a mere mortal, but if Loki asked me to kill for him, I wouldn’t flinch.

Patroiophobia | Fear of HeredityLoki’s gotta be wondering why he’s the tiniest of all Frost Giants….. But I don’t care about that, as long as those piercing eyes lay themselves into my waiting soul.

Vitricophobia | Fear of One’s StepfatherOdin may have raised Loki as his own, but he made some major mistakes by not telling him about his true lineage sooner. Loki seriously resents – and maybe even fears – him for it. If Loki had grown up knowing that he was a Frost Giant, maybe he wouldn’t have gone off the deep end…. I wish I was told I was adopted. It would make me feel better about myself. I wish Loki thought like me on this one. It would bring us even closer together than we are already. 

Cleithrophobia | Fear of Being Locked Up in an Enclosed SpaceAfter Odin sentences him to prison for, you know, all eternity, Loki’s cleithrophobia is completely understandable. But Loki is one slippery SOB, and he always manages to find his way out in one way or another…… Once I lock him in my bedroom, I think he’ll finally get over this fear for good.

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