Top Ten Phobias Of Andre The Giant

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Andre the Giant was billed as the 8th wonder of the world and people came from far and wide to watch him wrestle/ manhandle his opponents. He was a true champion in the world of wrestling; however, in the 1980s, his prowess began to fade, and his insecurities started showing in the ring. Here are the Top Ten Phobias Of Andre The Giant.

Androphobia | Fear of Men – When Andre the Giant entered a Battle Royal, he became the public enemy of everyone inside the ring. Whether they were good guys or bad guys, all his opponents put aside their differences to eliminate Andre by throwing him over the top rope. Poor, Andre……………On a brighter note, I love beating up men in their underwear too.

Chrometophobia | Fear of Money – I don’t know what came over Andre, but once he got hooked up with his new friend, ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted Dibiase, he just wasn’t the same guy. Andre would do anything Dibiase wanted and like Dibiase said, “Everyone’s Got A Price” which seemed to keep Andre firmly in line…………..Ted Dibiase? A man who wants to pay for the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of? Where do I sign up?

Enochlophobia | Fear of Crowds – When Andre turned his back on his good buddy, Hulk Hogan, the fans were enraged. Gone were the cheers and the hugs, now he was being pelted with paper, beer cups, and whatever else these savages could get their hands on………….One of those savages was my dickhead of a dad, and he got arrested for throwing a chair during a matinee showing. Sucks to be Andre I tell ya.

Gerascophobia | Fear of Growing Old or Aging – As Andre got older, his body just couldn’t handle his weight anymore. His movement became limited, and as every day passed in the late ’80s, Andre began to lose more matches than he did in first 20 years combined………………….My father lives in constant pain these days too, but he deserves it, so it sucks to be him.

Mechanophobia | Fear of Machines – There was a formidable Tag Team called The Machines, and whenever the Giant Machine was around, Andre always seemed to go missing. Many speculated that it was Andre himself, but I think he was just being a giant scaredy cat and was afraid of being beat………….Speaking of missing people. It’s kinda like when people owe me money, and then they don’t answer my phone calls or texts. So, Sherri Royce, I’ll be coming by your place of work tomorrow, if you like it or not, bitch! Toodles!

Ophidiophobia or Ophiophobia | Fear of Snakes – Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts never beat Andre the Giant in the ring, but when he busted out his pet python, Damien, Andre was running like a Kenyan in the Boston Marathon. He even passed out one time. True Story!………..Another true story? One night, my oldest friend Darlene ate 15 grams of mushrooms, jumped off a bridge, and actually flew like a bird.

Stasibasiphobia or Stasiphobia | Fear of Walking or Falling – Have you ever seen Andre the Giant fall? It didn’t happen that often in his career, but when it did, his painful grimace said everything we needed to know…………..Speaking of Grimace, I feel like eating some McDonald’s right now. Does Grimace even exist anymore? I just haven’t seen him in years, and I’m too lazy to Google it right now.

Theophobia | Fear of a Single God, Gods or Religion – Unfortunately for Andre the Giant, in the late stages of his career, he lost to the Ultimate Warrior on more than one occasion. And that’s because the Warrior fought unfair by using the power of the warrior gods, or at least that’s what his gibberish sounded like…………My dad LOVED the Ultimate Warrior, and I think that’s all the proof you’d need, to convict him in the Loser Court of Law. CASE CLOSED!!!

Zelophobia | Fear of Jealousy – With the rise of Hulkamania, Andre became second fiddle to Hulk Hogan and Jealousy ensued. In a way, he became afraid of himself, and was ashamed of his feelings once his career was finally over. It didn’t just ruin a friendship, but it destroyed his relationship with the fans as well…………..What a typical Manbaby. Men blow!!!

Enetophobia | Fear of Needles or Pointed Objects – It’s not widely known, but we checked the records, and Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage had a handful of victories against Andre in the late stages of his career. And what was Randy’s finishing move? A very pointy flying elbow of course…………….Oh Yeahhhhhhhhhhh! Snap into a Slim Jim!!!!

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